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Gary Larizza's activity

From 04/05/2012 to 04/11/2012


03:31 pm Puppet Bug #6017: MCX provider doesn't overwrite existing MCX data
The destroy method is only used when you want to ensure something :absent. If I get free time this week, I'll throw ... Gary Larizza


12:02 pm Puppet Bug #13686 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): directoryservices provider can't handle missing Shad...
Pull request filed --> <> Gary Larizza
11:43 am Puppet Bug #13686: directoryservices provider can't handle missing ShadowHashData item
No, I think that's perfectly sane. We should handle that situation. I've got the change and test for it in a topic ... Gary Larizza


02:31 pm Facter Feature #11299 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): Facter should utilize CFPropertyList to read/wri...
Pull request filed --> <>
Spoke with Ken about a month ago regarding ...
Gary Larizza
01:22 pm Puppet Feature #11298: Puppet should utilize CFPropertyList to read/write plist files
Refactored and submitted pull request --> <> Gary Larizza

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