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Nick Fagerlund's activity

From 06/02/2012 to 06/08/2012


04:24 pm Puppet Documentation Bug #13913 (Closed): cloud-pack amazon EC2 getting started guide out of date
Righto, merging.
Fred's continuing to work on the cloud provisioner docs; as part of that, we'll be figuring out ...
Nick Fagerlund


02:35 pm MCollective Bug #14864 (Closed): update docs for new doc system
Reviewed, merged, and pushed. Nick Fagerlund


10:47 am Puppet Bug #14723 (Merged - Pending Release): http report processor description is wrong
Nick Fagerlund
10:47 am Puppet Bug #14723: http report processor description is wrong
Reviewed. It looks fine, and I'm going to merge it. The quote-mark removal in the commit is also fine; looks like tha... Nick Fagerlund
05:53 pm Puppet Bug #14842 (Accepted): Delete the "check" metaparameter
This has been flagged as deprecated since ...
Nick Fagerlund

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