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Refactor #10348: auto-sign should not be enabled
Feature #10349: write puppet code to be able to compose PE cloudformation
Bug #10783: move the cf template from the lib directory to the temp dir
Bug #10870: [AWS] Cloud Formation should support us-west-2 (oregon).
Feature #10905: cloudformation deploy action should not require admin AWS access
Bug #10929: is user_data_fact a security vulnerability?
Bug #10946: Cloud Formation only allows a template of ~50K.
Bug #10959: ENC should work for master's agent
Bug #10993: need to support platform detection for amazon linux
Bug #11010: parent groups should not have to come before their children
Bug #11035: should be able to use resource_id as certname
Feature #11090: dashboard auth user and password should be configurable
Bug #11181: enc cannot create nodes
Bug #11187: pe-cloudformation is not robust for network connection errors
Feature #11244: update pe cloudformation to use puppetlabs-dashboard module from puppetlabs account
Bug #11457: install.pp should include comments about java_home
Support #18283: err: Signing certificate error: Could not render to pson: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known on AWS
Bug #10743: remove node-group option
Bug #10745: improve test coverage
Feature #11213: should be smart enough to retry in case of network connection failures
Bug #11216: allow parameters to be set from the command line
Feature #11218: should support the ability to edit existing object
Refactor #11438: should not depend on cloud-provisioner
Bug #22136: Puppet Dashboard error 500
Bug #8379: Should better support cross node dependencies
Bug #8382: Cross host configuration should use MCollective to determine the live state of the cluster.
Feature #14339: implement log rotation for openstack logs
Feature #14340: implement centralized syslogging
Feature #14341: implement monitoring
Bug #22151: Version mismatch with puppet-openstack and puppet-swift
Feature #5790: Puppet Enterprise should provide native packages (RPM, DEB, etc.)
Feature #5801: Add repository modules to PE for managing apt/yum repos.
Feature #5851: Add support for answer files to be fetched from http:// URIs
Feature #7027: Handle certificate signing failures in a robust manner
Feature #7399: prompt for license key during installer
Feature #7483: ability to collate how many licenses are being used across multiple CA's
Bug #8161: CloudPack documentation should include an AWS EC2 Quick Start
Bug #8162: Cloud Pack should have no required options
Feature #8163: CloudPack should have one configuration file
Feature #8164: CloudPack should have an action to write settings to a configuration file
Feature #8186: actions should be able to read node lists from stdin
Feature #8284: node classification should be based on facts
Feature #8292: should be able to explicitly document Puppet options that can be used
Bug #8297: cloud pack instructions for created a local certificate produces errors
Feature #8351: should document how to write custom template
Bug #8399: Options with hyphens are converted to underscores in help
Refactor #8475: Add test coverage for ssh_remote_execute method
Bug #8674: Time discrepancy error should be clearer
Refactor #9413: Cloud provisioner no longer needs to do region validation
Feature #9645: node _aws list should be more aware of keypairs
Feature #10106: Should be able plugin synced cloud provisioner
Bug #10186: Give better error message if install script isn't found
Bug #10206: bootstrap fails with: err: Puppet::Util::Log requires a message
Bug #10380: Documentation: cloud provisioner's options capabilities are not documented
Feature #10498: Implement 'node clean' as part of the 'node_aws terminate' process
Feature #10653: Support for ephemeral storage
Feature #10747: dashboard connection options should be seperated from classification options
Feature #10795: Puppet Enterprise and Unsupported Browsers
Feature #10810: Add support for Rackspace Cloud Servers
Feature #10922: puppet node_aws list should have the ability to filter on state
Bug #10968: potential issues with reuse of puppet http method in classify action
Feature #10974: CP should support using instance IDs instead of just public DNS names
Bug #10988: installing puppet with cloud provisioner creates unusable certificate environment
Feature #11003: Add ability to specify proxy in puppet node install
Bug #11023: Cloud provisioner should be able to start puppet run with --environment
Feature #11180: Parallelize installation of Puppet Agents
Bug #11186: Cloud provisioner attempts to contact the dashboard on port 3000
Feature #11301: EBS volumes [and tagging] for new instances
Feature #11350: PE should support 3rd party gems
Bug #11372: Race condition between certificate request and signing
Feature #11417: Publish pe_devel Puppet Module for RHEL 6 only
Bug #11956: Documentation is out of date
Bug #12007: cloud_provider/aws TESTS FAIL: 03-terminate-instance + 05-print-ssh-host-key-fingerprint + 06-bootstrap-instance
Feature #12211: pe_mcollective module needs a way to customize cfg files.
Feature #12355: VMware-related usability issues
Feature #13071: Add ability to reload agents from Live Management
Feature #13258: Provide a demo data set for compliance
Feature #13416: Add support for Amazon VPC to Cloud Provisioner
Bug #13864: Start Menu links on Windows 2003 throw error
Feature #14511: provide maintenance mechanism for cleaning up store reports
Bug #14875: ERB templates are loaded and fail to parse during pluginsync plus misc other errors
Bug #14943: Setting different endpoint is not working
Bug #14973: Not all the AWS API implementations are supporting tags
Bug #15177: Cloud Provisioner should work with VSphere 5.0
Support #15392: Installing PE on Debian Squeeze
Bug #15450: --terminate_id option not valid
Bug #15655: puppet help broke
Feature #15740: Add answer-file only option for specifying Console and Puppet master IP address to use.
Feature #16010: Console should allow adding new classes without needing to go back to the classes page
Feature #16110: Report when exec type fails because a user doesn't exist
Bug #16140: node_vmware is not locale-aware and fails against non-english vSphere (specifically, German)
Feature #16297: Console interface for tuning mcollective configuration
Feature #16309: Solaris support for `puppet node install` (target node)
Bug #16308: `puppet node install` expects GNU tar which is not present on Solaris
Bug #16328: `puppet node install` fails on Solaris targets due to PATH issues
Bug #16608: Amazon Linux not supported as bootstrap target
Feature #17166: Add ability to set GID to non-default in pe_accounts::user module
Support #17698: Troubles whit CentOS 6.3 and Puppet Enterprise 2.6.1 (Free version)
Bug #17726: Puppet Enterprise install mode does not perform validation of payload
Feature #17899: Allow configuring class parameters
Feature #17902: Handle parameter conflicts in a more comfortable way
Bug #18180: --puppet-version does not work
Feature #18524: node_vmware should support passing VMware customization spec files
Bug #18666: Cloud provisioner ignores security group
Bug #18794: security group option is ignored
Bug #18853: Add winrm support
Feature #18936: Puppet Enterprise 2.7 VMWare Tools only support VMWare Templates for Creating new VMs
Feature #18990: Puppet Enterprise Console support for other Databases
Bug #19635: Cloud Provisioner does not ssh to the newly created instance on a VPC.
Bug #20003: Live Management Commands to host not working
Bug #20338: node_aws `--region`, `--platform`, and `--credentials` arguments should be face-wide, not per action
Feature #20393: Option to not sync custom functions, or just don't sync them at all.
Bug #20469: No support for Amazon Linux
Feature #20515: An Easier way to mass delete node certificates.
Feature #20574: Live Management Needs Better Error Behaviors For Custom Agents
Feature #20600: Disabled Console Auth should behave more like World Readable
Bug #20672: AIX puppet deleting root crontab
Feature #20688: it would be awesome if PE Dashboard automagically displayed files for module classes it knows about on that class's specific page
Feature #20809: Add username to Dashboard Activity
Feature #20866: Support for cloud provisioning with Microsoft System Center 2012
Feature #21003: Ability to Keep puppet node_vmware create from turning on the new box
Feature #21115: Ability to Filter Nodes based on parameters in the console
Bug #21131: Agent install with answerfile fails on Solaris without name resolution, despite "q_continue_or_reenter_master_hostname=c"
Feature #21225: Auto-Refresh feature on PE Console
Bug #21248: "puppet resource firewall" output incorrect for unmanaged rules
Feature #21494: Make PuppetDB ports configurable in puppet-enterprise-installer
Support #21524: Cloudlinux Support
Bug #21559: Increase Verbosity on Upgrade Failures
Feature #21568: Console should apply classes node scope instead of top-scope
Feature #21889: Expose more puppet agent configuration values through PE installer answer file
Feature #21892: Should have the ability to differentiate between unresponsive and disabled nodes in Dashboard.
Bug #21902: PE Console as an ENC cannot set an environment to agents
Bug #21912: Installation fails under ubuntu
Bug #21933: Resources on datacenters filed in folders are unavailable/invisible
Bug #21984: ENC non-authoritative when setting environment key to node
Feature #22113: Create an Installer Answer for Masterport
Feature #22210: Adding An Option for Descriptions for Rake Tasks for adding Classes, Groups Would Be Nice
Feature #22443: Include a backend for hiera that supports encrypted data.
Feature #22599: Better sorting of nodes/reports in the PE Console
Feature #22601: Ability to trigger runs for failed nodes directly.
Bug #22634: pe-puppet-dashboard-workers init script returns inaccurate results after recreating the console and console_auth databases
Feature #22635: Puppet 3.x.x should support upgrading from 2.8.x with PuppetDB in certain basic scenarios.
Feature #22793: Puppet Enterprise should support installation with /etc/puppetlabs already created
Bug #22799: PE installer creates users with non-deterministic UIDs
Feature #22834: Running multiple instances of cloud provisioner in parallel should not fail
Feature #22884: Live Management Should Allow Use of Mcollective --batch and --batch-sleep arguments
Feature #22929: Add name argument to puppet node_aws command line
Bug #22942: The mcollective daemon hangs if it cannot contact the ActiveMQ server
Bug #22970: Issue with node_vmware bootstrap and cert signing
Feature #22986: mco service action should have an option to return a list of boxes that a given service is on.
Bug #23037: Puppet Enterprise Puppet Master Memory Usage
Feature #23042: Support multiple LDAP servers for console auth
Feature #23139: PE 3.x PuppetDB should store data in /var/opt instead of /opt
Feature #23168: pe_modules cron job logs
Bug #23234: Puppet Should not load facts from module directories because it ends up loading them twice
Bug #23245: Package resource should update multilib packages.
Bug #23248: PE Installer fails when installing DB on a RHEL 6.x host that has a IPv6 address
Bug #23250: Puppet runs with yaml errors should be more verbose on what file failed.
Feature #23267: resources purge via a specified provider
Bug #23271: db:create_user rake task broken in PE 3.1.0
Bug #23272: pe_accounts::user shouldn't break when /etc/group has multiple user lines.
Bug #23353: Console is broken if settings.yml does not contain formatting settings
Bug #23421: puppet node clean does not free up license slots
Commercial edition - PE Pidge
Feature #5954: Handle less post-install in shell, use puppet instead
Feature #12516: Implement a breadcrumb interface
Commercial edition - PE 3.x
Bug #8421: Puppet Cert Revoke requires pe-http
Bug #10659: Cloud Provisioner should output info to stderr and data to stdout
Bug #11936: Remote installer should use sources from Puppetmaster/Console rather than going out to the Internet
Bug #12519: Upgrader should stop all PE services before performing an upgrade
Bug #12661: puppet master logging "Starting Puppet master" frequently
Bug #13628: Special character handling in PE installer
Bug #14895: Installer doesn't quote DB passwords correctly
Bug #15833: mcollective agent should not autostart
Bug #18464: Pls make it easier to check the latest PE version
Bug #18970: default_group.rake should not hard code classes it adds.
Bug #19769: Puppet Enterprise daemons run under selinux context type initrc_t
Bug #20141: pe_accounts::user applies wrong selinux context
Feature #21123: Puppet Enterprise 3.x and Unsupported Platforms
Bug #21217: Default behavior of uninstaller should let people know it doesn't purge
Bug #22146: Cannot install Puppet Enterprise if Port 8080 is in use
Bug #22259: Live Management hangs when you fill in a field in a way that does not pass the agent's regex validation
Bug #22348: Deleted Nodes keep re-appearing
Bug #22352: Upgrading agent to 3.0.1 on Solaris (sparc) doesn't restart puppet agent.
Bug #22440: setting puppetdb's kernel sysctl values without allowing overriding is painful
Bug #22466: Environment "fact" no longer shows under inventory on node page in the console
Feature #22767: multi-master docs do not mention puppetdb whitelist config
Bug #22855: PE installer fails due to Windows line endings when mounting answer files from Windows to Linux using Vagrant
Bug #23182: The console does not consider using a cached catalog after a catalog compilation error to be a failed run
Commercial edition - PE Lance
Feature #10051: Allow users to integrate with an existing MCollective installation or remove MCollective easily.
Feature #11177: It should be officially supported and easy to install testing dependencies for Puppet Enterprise
Commercial edition - PE 2.x
Feature #11838: Puppet Enterprise and Unsupported Platforms
Commercial edition - PE 10/2012
Feature #13007: PE Accounts module should support symlinked home directories
Commercial edition - PE 3.0
Feature #21845: PATCH: Default externally authenticated users to "disabled"
Commercial edition - PE 2.8.x
Bug #21859: PATCH: Puppet should not use --include-dependencies with gem provider
Feature #13954: Support multiple backends of the same type
Feature #15183: Hiera should support output in multiple formats
Feature #15761: need a debug flag in hiera's config
Bug #16458: Array search blows up when it finds hashes
Feature #16808: Need a more complete way to test Hiera's data for an arbitrary node
Feature #17126: Can't interpolate hash or array members with %{} tokens
Bug #17433: Interpolating local variable blocks future interpolation of top-scope variable with same name
Bug #17456: hiera binary with `-i` fails under puppet 3
Feature #18167: Update json backend to use multi-json
Feature #18577: Extend Hiera to support Proper Yaml Syntax
Feature #18793: Hiera deep merge on hash doesn't have a "whiteout" or "remove this key" value
Feature #18957: Augeas lens for hiera.yaml
Bug #19496: Hiera %{module_name} sometimes not being evaluated
Feature #19516: Add hiera_resources similar to hiera_include
Support #19593: String interpolation using backend defined variables
Bug #20491: Command line variable specification seems to have changed between 1.1.2 & 1.2.1
Feature #20497: Hiera cli should assume a environment of production if not otherwise specified
Bug #21447: parse_string keeps looking if a variable is an empty string
Bug #21924: hiera.yaml always gets parsed from the 'main' environment, not the specified one.
Feature #22302: No way to control hiera array and hash merge types from puppet
Bug #22615: Hiera ignores symbols in yaml files
Bug #22689: hiera backends do not function when hiera is installed via OS package
Bug #22764: Syntax errors in backend files don't stop Hiera
Feature #23067: Hiera should be able to include external files within the YAML/JSON hierarchy.
Bug #23105: YAML syntax errors should mention the fielname
Bug #23140: Update Hiera Master Windows/Solaris jobs to vcloud
Feature #23144: Hiera should be able to return actual Puppet code, not just a bare string, array, or hash
Feature #23150: create_resource could accept empty parameter hash or nil and return the number of created resources
Bug #23277: hiera recursive guard
Bug #23281: Hiera's recursion breaks if a backend returns nil
Feature #23301: Cannot lookup non-string values
Feature #23323: Recursive lookup in hierarchy definition
Bug #23409: No man pages for hiera
Feature #10362: Type resolution should be outside of the backend
Feature #11784: Hiera should support alternate environments
Feature #15085: Hiera should have a capability system for backends.
Feature #16235: Allow escaping %{...} in hiera data so that hiera does not try to perform a replacement
Bug #17019: Create a stand-alone external node classifier (ENC) service
Bug #20199: There's no way to set resolution_type when using data bindings
Bug #15042: Command line hiera should work with pluginsync
Bug #20061: undefined method 'deep_merge' with ':merge_behavior: :deep'
Bug #20539: hiera json backend is broken on puppet 3.1.1 for windows
Bug #9956: servers have dependency on collective "mcollective" which can be broken by config file change
Feature #5376: Retrieve config variables
Feature #21605: Section support in config file.
Bug #5095: Handle STOMP errors better
Feature #12107: More robust registration system is needed
Bug #15498: ActiveMQ world writable directories
Feature #17065: Create a scripting environment for RPC actions
Feature #17066: Redo documentation
Feature #17067: Redo the packaging of mcollective
Feature #6081: Support for debconf selections in the debian packaging.
Feature #6291: Support for dpkg / deb trigger to reload agents
Bug #16012: puppetlabs' mcollective init script differs from ubuntu's
Bug #19319: mcollective-common from for Fedora should not put files into /usr/local
Feature #8365: MCollective should have a native OS X Package
Bug #5372: bldmacpkg script is broken
Bug #23102: Update ext/osx packaging for OSX 10.9
Feature #17071: Document approaches to more scalable deployes
Bug #17074: Use JSON for all serialization
Feature #17075: Reply transformations and custom targets/outputs
Bug #17077: Create a richer list of default data, validator and summary plugins
Feature #17079: Actions should be categorised
Bug #17081: Improve testing of plugins
Feature #17082: create development environment
Feature #17084: General improvements to plugins
Feature #17085: Create an auditing system for users sites which suggests new plugins and tips
Bug #17086: Improve client usage in more complex ruby scripts
Bug #17298: The application plugin system should support sub commands
Feature #17849: Manage puppet agent config from a central mcollective client
Bug #18256: Log and error knowledge base
Bug #18795: Update tests to work with latest mocha and rspec
Bug #18924: Long running mcollective 2.2.x fails with "too many open files"
Feature #19284: Support for simple statitistics gathering
Feature #19290: Mcollective giving sorted output
Bug #20620: Service Agent not working for launchd on osx
Bug #21824: node identity not provided when a node exception in thrown
Feature #21917: First-class support for installing MCollective client on SLES 11 platform
Bug #22154: Config class does not parse fixnum config parameters correctly
Bug #22513: documentation is unclear on package agent's "yum_clean"
Bug #22760: MCollective doesn't work with the Stomp 1.3 gem
Bug #23134: rpcclient('puppet') casuses stack trace when running under sinatra
Bug #23175: MCollective Module for puppet, and facts.yaml
Feature #23304: Support for Apache Kafka Message broker
Bug #23365: using ActiveMQ, node re-subscribe breaks direct addressing
Bug #5080: Need a better config class
Bug #15787: Rename rpc-help.erb to agent-help.erb
Feature #16217: scheduled and long running jobs should be supported
Feature #16228: requests need associated metadata
Refactor #16249: refactor security plugins to support Message objects better
Bug #16295: actions should support always being background or foreground through the ddl
Feature #16317: run timestamp should be recorded in rpc results
Bug #17037: inputs that are not defined in the DDL should result in an error
Feature #16319: should be able to parse natural dates
Refactor #17068: Refactor the plugin application
Bug #17072: Getting started with mcollective should be easier
Bug #17078: Extend the DDL to all plugins
Feature #17247: The --batch option should be able to take a percentage.
Bug #17667: run() call in an agent can return incorrect Process::Status
Bug #18435: Allow application options to be validated with validators
Bug #18438: application option parser boolean parsing not working
Bug #18465: RPC::Client#method_missing should handle unknown actions
Feature #18663: should be internationalized
Feature #18774: Add a i18n data backend
Feature #18806: Add a i18n cache
Feature #18811: Remove the old controller messages
Refactor #19177: move 'mco plugin doc' to 'mco doc'
Bug #19291: deprecate and remove flattened output
Bug #19515: Authorization plugins should be in M::Authorization
Refactor #19664: Audit plugins should be in M::Audit
Feature #19667: Auditing should log RPC auth failures
Bug #19774: Concurrency issue in PluginManager
Bug #20691: Don't create reply queues if reply-to is set
Bug #21420: Individual plugin config files should also accept long-form "" settings
Bug #21556: Cannot unset limit_targets
Bug #22444: Add tests for shipped agents
Feature #7145: A plugin should be able to transform a reply into a different format
Bug #8753: USR1/USR2 signals during connection retry causes exit
Bug #11139: change the core message wrapper to be JSON friendly
Feature #13624: ZeroMQ Support
Feature #15006: Add PuppetDB based discovery
Bug #14110: Work with stomp upstream to allow SSL version configurability
Feature #9398: Document direct addressing mode, use cases, caveats etc
Bug #14206: Lintian errors during debian build because the init script doesn't implement force-reload
Bug #17804: ubuntu/debian mcollective missing package dependencies
Bug #17205: block mode not always supplying SimpleRPC result type
Bug #21104: reply defaults should be cloned copies from the DDL
Feature #7831: Make mongo registration config more flexible
Bug #9040: mongodb-registration agent: Execution of registration failed: Symbol as array index
Feature #13625: nrpe agent should support nrpe.cfg include_file, include and include_dir option
Feature #14282: Blacklisted services to prevent accidental restarts
Bug #15472: rewrite puppet agent
Feature #18679: Create a new puppet commander
Bug #16447: agent registration issue with mongodb
Feature #17060: Ability to list directories in filemgr agent/app
Bug #18772: Publish and rewrite the package agent
Feature #19113: Ability to display resource which changed/failed/skipped when puppet updating a whole collective
Feature #19176: Support better handling of "Puppet is currently applying a catalog, cannot run"
Feature #19178: Publish the process agent
Feature #19202: Publish the central RPC log audit plugin
Feature #19208: Publish the meta registration plugin
Feature #19211: Publish the mongodb registration agent
Feature #19212: Publish the monitor registration agent
Bug #19435: The puppet-agent should fail better for Puppet < 2.7
Feature #19574: Add lock message display to Puppet application
Feature #19778: Add package upgrade actions to package agent
Feature #19920: File Manager Agent, add black/whitelist
Bug #20065: Publish the Puppetca Agent
Feature #20346: mco package should be able to specify version
Feature #20817: add '-u USER' option to mco process list
Feature #21179: Publish the ssh key security plugin
Bug #21433: too strict when validating puppet tags
Bug #21528: tag git repos with version number before packaging for each release
Bug #21879: MCO package and service plugins from bomb out
Bug #22092: package yum_checkupdates broken with a wrong url in the repo config
Bug #22275: mco package kernel status
Feature #22437: Support firing off runs with custom options when daemon is active
Bug #22742: Many plugins not built for Fedora 18 and 19
Bug #461: Directories involved in file copies should not check timestamps
Feature #608: Optionally send changed files to the filebucket
Feature #625: Convert 'ensure' to use a state machine
Feature #653: Add a stdin param to exec, that pipes a string into the command
Feature #665: Automatic relationships should be auto-documented
Feature #675: Multiple debug types should be supported
Feature #694: Add explanation to commands being executed
Feature #745: Syslog type support
Bug #772: puppetmasterd should fail more intelligently when receiving a SIGHUP
Bug #782: Move config descriptions out of executables into defaults.rb
Feature #864: Enhance puppetrun to pass through --no-noop functionality
Feature #898: Preserve timestamps when copying files
Feature #914: A logging harness needs to be added to the Indirector
Feature #939: mailalias type does not rebuild aliases by default
Bug #999: Server filebucket doesn't work for ParsedFile types
Bug #1016: Mailalias type throws non-sane error when target contains an invalid record prior to managing it
Feature #1035: "all" in tagmail.conf should allow exclusions
Bug #1042: Trailing or extra slashes are not removed from file names when resolving relationships
Feature #1044: It should be possible to specify relationships to all resources of a given type
Feature #1049: Create interface for navigating filebucket
Feature #1055: Add "ignoreabsent" parameter to service type
Feature #1061: Support weekday inside schedule type
Bug #1086: ParsedFile/Util::FileType should do atomic file writes
Feature #1091: filebucket should store hostname
Feature #1107: Allow exclusion in tags specified on the command line
Bug #1125: incorrect parsing of range after DST change
Bug #1153: puppetrun fails exit code 3 if running in foreground for a sufficiently long period of time
Feature #1154: Allow signed manifests to eliminate single point of compromise
Feature #1180: nagios types should be able to generate /template definitions/ in nagios
Bug #1203: directoryservice provider should use "." instead of "/"
Bug #1206: aptitude provider does not recognize recovery efforts
Feature #1210: tagmail could allow a template for outbound mail formatting
Feature #1250: FreeBSD and OpenBSD: need different package name on install
Feature #1356: change password management scheme to use PAM
Bug #1358: Unable to replace host "X" with host "Y" and alias "X"
Bug #1372: Class names that match the node name are not evaluated
Bug #1379: puppetrun/puppetd with private network
Bug #1387: parseonly fails when using custom types
Bug #1395: puppet memory usage
Bug #1398: Common package name in two different providers
Bug #1449: Puppet has annoying log messages about directory mtimes having changed
Feature #1463: module versioning
Bug #1517: Failures on missing node classes should be configurable.
Bug #1531: ssh_authorized_keys should not use the key 'comment' as a unique identifier (name)
Refactor #1537: "ensure" and "enable" running order for a service is inappropriate
Bug #1539: Puppet consuming lots of background CPU time
Bug #1570: Nagios_service doesn't reset an old contact_groups setting
Bug #1573: `puppetca --clean' does not remove the host CSR
Feature #1581: Ability to purge .ssh/authorized_keys
Bug #1583: Groups not recognised when group enumeration turned off
Bug #1593: Limited globbing support in fileserver config
Bug #1596: Deploying file resources with ++ in name generates error.
Bug #1615: manifestdir with environments not honored
Feature #1617: autosign.conf should take IP/subnet specifications as well as hostnames
Feature #1630: exec type should allow passing of arguments as an array rather than a string
Bug #1643: package providers "sunfreeware" and "blastwave" inappropriate: should be pkgget
Feature #1645: Classes vs. Definitions - how to get closer to common design patterns
Bug #1652: custom function not usable as name parameter of a define
Feature #1653: All files and file metadata should be fetched as part of the catalog retrieval
Bug #1658: Gentoo package re-write
Bug #1670: Mount parameters "dump" and "pass" should default to undefined
Bug #1720: The package resource type doesn't notice installed packages when more than one is installed
Bug #1736: All command-line options should have single-letter abbreviations
Feature #1744: generalized metaparameter replaced
Bug #1763: unhelpfull error message when parent directory is missing
Bug #1798: Fix to allow resources {service: purge => true}...
Feature #1813: feeding reasons to --disable
Bug #1817: order of reports in puppet.conf produces bug
Feature #1823: pear package type
Bug #1825: Cannot create symlink with file type when links => follow is set
Feature #1833: install script should take --confdir and--vardir arguments
Bug #1837: MCX Type does not autorequire properly
Feature #1858: Add resources based on a Hash
Feature #1861: manage_membership for unix groups provider
Bug #1881: What is md5lite. Type Reference mentions it but does not explain what this is, if it is "liter", or why
Feature #1905: Use OpenSSL's new Kerberos support
Feature #1938: Puppet on bare metal/empty clouds
Feature #1939: binary version of puppet client
Feature #1940: puppet have more modular security interfaces
Feature #1942: Red Hat systems should use gpasswd instead of usermod for group changes
Feature #1945: Add account lock and unlock support for useradd on solaris
Bug #2014: sshkey creates /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts with mode 600
Feature #2015: More reliable service restart on debian based on NAME= element in init.d scripts
Bug #2019: puppet managed nfs mount point filebuckets all of its files when nfs servers goes away and then comes back
Feature #2024: access the current resource parameters inside a template
Bug #2027: Yumrepo files should get backed up to the server-side filebucket before being modified
Bug #2037: Error in Rake
Feature #2038: Type/provider to manage swap files
Bug #2043: up2date provider should split off architecture to --arch parameter
Feature #2045: 'Push' functionality in puppetmaster to clients
Feature #2048: Augeas onlyIf should support arrays
Feature #2049: Allow puppet to run in an offline mode that only uses the cache
Bug #2053: Relative namespacing of class/define names results in big surprises
Feature #2057: User type should have a replace option like the file type does
Bug #2061: uninstall specific packages that are versionable
Refactor #2064: Checksums should be modeled explicitly in files
Bug #2065: rug provider fails to retrieve current state of resource
Bug #2072: File content always prints as checksums
Bug #2076: Key conflict error message is unhelpful
Feature #2079: mailalias should have membership parameter
Bug #2083: puppet cert errors and messages
Bug #2091: puppet host type fails if /etc/hosts doesnt exist
Feature #2093: Disable / Enable via puppetrun
Bug #2095: Changing the permissions of /etc/puppet/puppet.conf via puppet crashes puppetmaster
Bug #2105: Order matters with tagged function
Bug #2109: ParsedFile providers don't return any instances if accessing the default target fails
Bug #2118: Puppetmasterd should finish operations when restarting
Bug #2125: Puppet incorrectly reports a package not found on Gentoo
Bug #2130: inconsistent value of classes when used in a template of an exported resource
Bug #2147: template function does not accept arrays
Bug #2156: provider/service/freebsd.rb cannot handle service name containing 'dash'
Bug #2158: Nagios files are created mode 600
Bug #2159: Allowingunauthenticated client access to puppetca.getcert
Feature #2160: smart package manager package provider
Bug #2163: puppetrun does not know when client runs fail
Bug #2164: Nagios types "use" attribute doesn't support arrays
Bug #2166: Puppet client fails to restart after log rotation
Feature #2170: there is no warning if you redefine built-in resources
Feature #2178: Strict hostname checking should require matching the IP reverse lookup
Feature #2186: Some introspection capabilities about Files
Bug #2192: ssh_authorized_key barfs on missing comment in existing keyfile
Feature #2198: Install multiple package within a single call to the package manager
Bug #2237: puppetd sometimes does not create $yamlclientdir automatically
Bug #2259: ralsh doesn't cope with single quotes in property values.
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