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22799 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalPE installer creates users with non-deterministic UIDs
22834 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalRunning multiple instances of cloud provisioner in parallel should not fail
22855 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedNormalPE installer fails due to Windows line endings when mounting answer files from Windows to Linux using VagrantPE 3.x
22884 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalLive Management Should Allow Use of Mcollective --batch and --batch-sleep arguments
22929 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalAdd name argument to puppet node_aws command line
22970 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalIssue with node_vmware bootstrap and cert signing
22986 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureInvestigatingNormalmco service action should have an option to return a list of boxes that a given service is on.
23042 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalSupport multiple LDAP servers for console auth
23168 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalpe_modules cron job logs
23182 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedNormalThe console does not consider using a cached catalog after a catalog compilation error to be a failed runPE 3.x
23234 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugInvestigatingNormalPuppet Should not load facts from module directories because it ends up loading them twice
23245 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalPackage resource should update multilib packages.
23248 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugInvestigatingNormalPE Installer fails when installing DB on a RHEL 6.x host that has a IPv6 address
23250 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugInvestigatingNormalPuppet runs with yaml errors should be more verbose on what file failed.
23267 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureInvestigatingNormalresources purge via a specified provider
23272 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugInvestigatingNormalpe_accounts::user shouldn't break when /etc/group has multiple user lines.
23353 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalConsole is broken if settings.yml does not contain formatting settings
23421 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalpuppet node clean does not free up license slots
10186 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedNormalGive better error message if install script isn't foundCarl Caum
10974 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureNeeds More InformationNormalCP should support using instance IDs instead of just public DNS namesCarl Caum
11956 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugInvestigatingNormalDocumentation is out of dateCarl Caum
16308 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugInvestigatingNormal`puppet node install` expects GNU tar which is not present on SolarisCarl Caum
16309 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureInvestigatingNormalSolaris support for `puppet node install` (target node)Carl Caum
16328 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugInvestigatingNormal`puppet node install` fails on Solaris targets due to PATH issuesCarl Caum
17166 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewNormalAdd ability to set GID to non-default in pe_accounts::user moduleCarl Caum

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