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  Puppet Enterprise (Public) 47 Collapse all/Expand all
21912 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalInstallation fails under ubuntu
22970 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalIssue with node_vmware bootstrap and cert signing
20688 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalit would be awesome if PE Dashboard automagically displayed files for module classes it knows about on that class's specific page
20574 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalLive Management Needs Better Error Behaviors For Custom Agents
22884 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalLive Management Should Allow Use of Mcollective --batch and --batch-sleep arguments
21494 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalMake PuppetDB ports configurable in puppet-enterprise-installer
20469 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalNo support for Amazon Linux
20338 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalnode_aws `--region`, `--platform`, and `--credentials` arguments should be face-wide, not per action
18524 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalnode_vmware should support passing VMware customization spec files
20393 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalOption to not sync custom functions, or just don't sync them at all.
23245 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalPackage resource should update multilib packages.
22799 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalPE installer creates users with non-deterministic UIDs
22634 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalpe-puppet-dashboard-workers init script returns inaccurate results after recreating the console and console_auth databases
12211 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalpe_mcollective module needs a way to customize cfg files.
23168 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalpe_modules cron job logs
22635 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalPuppet 3.x.x should support upgrading from 2.8.x with PuppetDB in certain basic scenarios.
18936 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalPuppet Enterprise 2.7 VMWare Tools only support VMWare Templates for Creating new VMs
18990 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalPuppet Enterprise Console support for other Databases
17726 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalPuppet Enterprise install mode does not perform validation of payload
22793 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalPuppet Enterprise should support installation with /etc/puppetlabs already created
23421 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalpuppet node clean does not free up license slots
21933 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalResources on datacenters filed in folders are unavailable/invisible
22834 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalRunning multiple instances of cloud provisioner in parallel should not fail
18794 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugUnreviewedNormalsecurity group option is ignored
21892 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalShould have the ability to differentiate between unresponsive and disabled nodes in Dashboard.
20866 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalSupport for cloud provisioning with Microsoft System Center 2012
23042 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalSupport multiple LDAP servers for console auth
21845 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureUnreviewedNormalPATCH: Default externally authenticated users to "disabled"PE 3.0
  Puppet Forge 17 Collapse all/Expand all
19559 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormal500 error when attempting to upload module
23206 Puppet ForgeFeatureUnreviewedNormalAdd a task to verify erb filesRichard Pijnenburg
22521 Puppet ForgeFeatureUnreviewedNormalAdd spec tests to puppetlabs/git
16923 Puppet ForgeFeatureUnreviewedNormalAdd support for proxy user name and passwords for 'puppet module' tool
15518 Puppet ForgeFeatureUnreviewedNormalAllow user to discover content that may not be distributed as a module
20446 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalAn empty version field in Modulefile causes an 'Internal Server Error'
22367 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalChangeLog files no longer being taken into account
22787 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalDuplicate key: mods_full_name for homedirs
21486 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalError requesting [500] {"errors":["Internal server error"]}
15621 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalForge/PMT will fail to install if an old module version has a bad dependency
22788 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalInternal server error uploading modules with author names containing accents
22854 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalInternal Server Error when trying to publish a new module
17771 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalModule tool doesn't strip newlines from version string, which causes the tar creation to fail
23309 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalpuppetforge Internal Server Error
23089 Puppet ForgeFeatureUnreviewedNormalpuppetlabs/mysql module: add site-specific changes file (RFE)
23209 Puppet ForgeFeatureUnreviewedNormalRedirect/Move module from account x to account y
20807 Puppet ForgeBugUnreviewedNormalTimeout during install of bobsh/puppetdb
  Puppet Labs Modules 89 Collapse all/Expand all
23398 Puppet Labs ModulesBugUnreviewedNormalarray type producing refresh eventsJosh Cooperregistry 0.1.2
22140 Puppet Labs ModulesFeatureUnreviewedNormalFirewall does not support "---mark xxxx"firewall 1.x
11972 Puppet Labs ModulesFeatureUnreviewedNormaladd f5_license supportNan Liu
12325 Puppet Labs ModulesFeatureUnreviewedNormaladd f5_provision type / provider support
11971 Puppet Labs ModulesFeatureUnreviewedNormaladd f5_routetable supportNan Liu

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