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From 06/21/2011 to 06/27/2011


09:20 am Bug #8109 (Closed): Spec test integration - 2nd iteration
4 files changed, 88 insertions(+), 35 deletions(-) - R.I. Pienaar
08:36 am Bug #8109 (Closed): Spec test integration - 2nd iteration
Integrate the second iteration of agent spec tests. Pieter Loubser


10:49 am Bug #7414: New plugins
Not in their exact current state, I have a meeting with Canonical in London to discuss this and other stuff - we've h... R.I. Pienaar
10:32 am Bug #7414: New plugins
RI, are you good with accepting these? Are they already accepted? Nigel Kersten


09:56 am Feature #7831 (Code Insufficient): Make mongo registration config more flexible
This looks good, would you mind updating the comments top of the plugin with the new options you added so their use i... R.I. Pienaar
04:31 am Bug #7931: Integrate unit testing from testing sprint into plugins repo
first stab at this, leaving the ticket open as we need to figure out how to test the plugins thats contained in the m... R.I. Pienaar
04:18 am Bug #8012 (Closed): Make mongodb registration plugin fail nicely of meta registration is not conf...
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Tomas Doran

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