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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
22742 BugInvestigatingNormalMany plugins not built for Fedora 18 and 19
22437 FeatureInvestigatingNormalSupport firing off runs with custom options when daemon is active
22275 BugNeeds DecisionNormalmco package kernel status
22092 BugInvestigatingNormalpackage yum_checkupdates broken with a wrong url in the repo config
21879 BugAcceptedNormalMCO package and service plugins from bomb out Richard Clamp
21528 BugInvestigatingNormaltag git repos with version number before packaging for each release
21433 BugAcceptedNormaltoo strict when validating puppet tags
21179 FeatureAcceptedNormalPublish the ssh key security pluginPieter Loubser
20817 FeatureAcceptedNormaladd '-u USER' option to mco process listRichard Clamp
20346 FeatureAcceptedNormalmco package should be able to specify versionRichard Clamp
20065 BugAcceptedNormalPublish the Puppetca AgentPieter Loubser
19920 FeatureAcceptedNormalFile Manager Agent, add black/whitelistRichard Clamp
19778 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalAdd package upgrade actions to package agentR.I. Pienaar
19574 FeatureAcceptedNormalAdd lock message display to Puppet applicationRichard Clamp
19435 BugAcceptedNormalThe puppet-agent should fail better for Puppet < 2.7Richard Clamp
19212 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalPublish the monitor registration agent
19211 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalPublish the mongodb registration agent
19208 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalPublish the meta registration plugin
19202 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalPublish the central RPC log audit plugin
19178 FeatureAcceptedNormalPublish the process agentPieter Loubser
19176 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalSupport better handling of "Puppet is currently applying a catalog, cannot run"R.I. Pienaar
19113 FeatureCode InsufficientNormalAbility to display resource which changed/failed/skipped when puppet updating a whole collectiveRichard Clamp
18772 BugRe-openedNormalPublish and rewrite the package agentRichard Clamp
18679 FeatureAcceptedNormalCreate a new puppet commanderR.I. Pienaar
17060 FeatureCode InsufficientNormalAbility to list directories in filemgr agent/app

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