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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
23365 BugUnreviewedNormalusing ActiveMQ, node re-subscribe breaks direct addressing
23304 FeatureUnreviewedNormalSupport for Apache Kafka Message broker
23175 BugUnreviewedNormalMCollective Module for puppet, and facts.yaml
23134 BugUnreviewedNormalrpcclient('puppet') casuses stack trace when running under sinatra
23102 BugAcceptedNormalUpdate ext/osx packaging for OSX 10.9
22760 BugAcceptedHighMCollective doesn't work with the Stomp 1.3 gemPieter Loubser
22742 BugInvestigatingNormalMany plugins not built for Fedora 18 and 19
22513 BugAcceptedNormaldocumentation is unclear on package agent's "yum_clean"
22444 BugAcceptedNormalAdd tests for shipped agentsPieter Loubser2.3.x
22437 FeatureInvestigatingNormalSupport firing off runs with custom options when daemon is active
22275 BugNeeds DecisionNormalmco package kernel status
22154 BugAcceptedNormalConfig class does not parse fixnum config parameters correctlyPieter Loubser
22092 BugInvestigatingNormalpackage yum_checkupdates broken with a wrong url in the repo config
21917 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalFirst-class support for installing MCollective client on SLES 11 platformR.I. Pienaar
21879 BugAcceptedNormalMCO package and service plugins from bomb out Richard Clamp
21824 BugAcceptedNormalnode identity not provided when a node exception in thrownPieter Loubser
21605 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalSection support in config file.
21556 BugAcceptedNormalCannot unset limit_targetsR.I. Pienaar2.3.x
21528 BugInvestigatingNormaltag git repos with version number before packaging for each release
21433 BugAcceptedNormaltoo strict when validating puppet tags
21420 BugAcceptedNormalIndividual plugin config files should also accept long-form "" settingsPieter Loubser2.3.x
21179 FeatureAcceptedNormalPublish the ssh key security pluginPieter Loubser
21104 BugNeeds DecisionHighreply defaults should be cloned copies from the DDLR.I. Pienaar2.2.x
20817 FeatureAcceptedNormaladd '-u USER' option to mco process listRichard Clamp
20691 BugAcceptedNormalDon't create reply queues if reply-to is setR.I. Pienaar2.3.x

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