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23421 BugUnreviewedNormalpuppet node clean does not free up license slots
23353 BugUnreviewedNormalConsole is broken if settings.yml does not contain formatting settings
23271 BugUnreviewedHighdb:create_user rake task broken in PE 3.1.0
23245 BugUnreviewedNormalPackage resource should update multilib packages.
23168 FeatureUnreviewedNormalpe_modules cron job logs
23042 FeatureUnreviewedNormalSupport multiple LDAP servers for console auth
22970 BugUnreviewedNormalIssue with node_vmware bootstrap and cert signing
22929 FeatureUnreviewedNormalAdd name argument to puppet node_aws command line
22884 FeatureUnreviewedNormalLive Management Should Allow Use of Mcollective --batch and --batch-sleep arguments
22834 FeatureUnreviewedNormalRunning multiple instances of cloud provisioner in parallel should not fail
22799 BugUnreviewedNormalPE installer creates users with non-deterministic UIDs
22793 FeatureUnreviewedNormalPuppet Enterprise should support installation with /etc/puppetlabs already created
22635 FeatureUnreviewedNormalPuppet 3.x.x should support upgrading from 2.8.x with PuppetDB in certain basic scenarios.
22634 BugUnreviewedNormalpe-puppet-dashboard-workers init script returns inaccurate results after recreating the console and console_auth databases
22601 FeatureUnreviewedNormalAbility to trigger runs for failed nodes directly.
22599 FeatureUnreviewedNormalBetter sorting of nodes/reports in the PE Console
22443 FeatureUnreviewedNormalInclude a backend for hiera that supports encrypted data.
22210 FeatureUnreviewedNormalAdding An Option for Descriptions for Rake Tasks for adding Classes, Groups Would Be Nice
22113 FeatureUnreviewedNormalCreate an Installer Answer for Masterport
21933 BugUnreviewedNormalResources on datacenters filed in folders are unavailable/invisible
21912 BugUnreviewedNormalInstallation fails under ubuntu
21892 FeatureUnreviewedNormalShould have the ability to differentiate between unresponsive and disabled nodes in Dashboard.
21845 FeatureUnreviewedNormalPATCH: Default externally authenticated users to "disabled"PE 3.0
21568 FeatureUnreviewedNormalConsole should apply classes node scope instead of top-scope
21494 FeatureUnreviewedNormalMake PuppetDB ports configurable in puppet-enterprise-installer

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