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Nan Liu, 08/02/2010 09:40 pm

Puppet Documentation

Introduction to Puppet

For information about learning Puppet and major components, see

Our docs site is also a community project like the Wiki, learn how to contribute here.


Some additional articles on configurations that are not part of the docs site:


The Cookbook is a repository of modules, ‘recipes’ as well as Puppet and Facter configuration snippets for achieving common tasks.

Module documentation

Module sets

You can find a number of collections of Puppet modules for a variety of applications and operating systems on the [[Puppet Modules]] page.


Extending Puppet

Puppet is also highly extensible. This section lists additional information that can help you create new types, providers and functions for Puppet. Also documented is the process for adding custom facts for Facter.

Related Applications

A number of applications that extend, support or supplement Puppet have been developed. These include:

  • Puppet Dashboard
  • PuppetShow — A Rails-application for viewing information about Puppet and configured hosts (legacy project)
  • The Foreman — A Rails-application for managing server lifecycle.
    integrates with Puppet (external nodes, PuppetCA, inventory and reporting) and provides dynamicly generated with Kickstart / jumpstart and preseed handsfree.
  • Viper — A LDAP-based system for automated hosts installation, configuration and monitoring
  • iClassify — A node management tool for Puppet. (legacy project)
  • PuppetView — A light weight web-based Puppet log viewer written in PHP.
  • Cft — A configuration file tracker that uses Puppet at its base.
  • Augeas — Augeas is a configuration editing tool.
  • Carpet — Carpet is a combination of Puppet and Capistrano.
  • Cobbler — An OS installer that can function as a Puppet external nodes source

Additional Documentation

While the above links represent the standard, recommended documentation, there is additional information available for those who are interested.

Also available is Pulling Strings with Puppet – the first book on Puppet written by James Turnbull. Puppet is also mentioned in Chapter 19 (together with provisioning and bootstrapping) of Pro Linux System Administration by James Turnbull, Peter Lieverdink and Dennis Matotek.

Puppet in Other Languages

Puppet documentation have been translated to other languages by the user community: