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Getting Help

If you need help, try one of the following resources.

Commercial Support

Reductive Labs pays for the development of Puppet by providing commercial services for it. These services include commercial support, installation consulting, training, and developer support. Please contact us for more information.

Ticketing and Support

You can lodge bug reports and support tickets for Puppet at the Redmine ticketing system.

Online Documentation

Many general questions about Puppet and Reductive are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions . Otherwise, the [[Documentation Start]] is the place to go.


There are a number of presentations and articles about Puppet available on the Publications page. Also available is “Pulling Strings with Puppet” by James Turnbull which is the first book to be written about Puppet.

Mailing lists

  • Puppet User: The Puppet users mailing list, for any and all Puppet discussion.
  • Puppet Developer: The Puppet-dev mailing list, for all public discussions related to the development of puppet. All emails generated by the bug tracker are also sent to this list.
  • Puppet Commits: A read-only list that gets a copy of all git source code commits.
  • Puppet Bugs: A read-only list that gets a copy of all project ticket activity.
  • Puppet Announcements: A read-only list containing announcements related to Puppet, e.g.; major version releases

To subscribe to any of these lists from a normal (i.e., non-Google) account, just email the list address with +subscribe tacked onto the list name (e.g.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

The best place to get help with Puppet is our IRC channel: #puppet on There are usually many helpful people there in addition to the project developers.

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