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Example 42 Puppet Infrastructure

Example42 Puppet Infrastructure is a complete set of puppet modules made by Lab42 that provide:

  • Coherent and standardized structure, logic and usage based on best practices

  • Cross OS support (main targets are Redhat and Ubuntu derivatives)

  • Use of parametrized classes and fully qualified variables for Puppet 2.8 compliance (on the next generation modules set)

  • Full and coherent API exposure and classes introspection (on next-gen set)

  • Separation between core module and user’s customizations, no arbitrary logic enforced.

  • Optional Puppi support for application deployments and “Puppet knowledge to the CLI”

  • Optional automatic Monitoring support based on an extensible set of tools

  • Optional automatic Firewalling support

  • Decommissioning support: you can remove (almost) whatever you’ve added

  • Complete documentation compliant with PuppetDoc

  • Based on common “foo” templates for easy scaffolding on the modules.

  • Apache 2 Licence

Explore and Download Source

Check full “source” on GitHub:

Puppet Modules

Puppet Modules – Next Generation


Puppet Infrastructures

Official Web site is

Tutorial and documentation

In order to understand how to use and customize the Example 42 Puppet Infrastructure you should definitively give a look to:

Understand Example 42 Puppet modules

Customize Example42 Puppet modules

You may also be interested in Puppi, a Puppet module and command line toll that is used to automate application deployments.