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Matthaus Owens, 07/20/2012 04:13 pm

Puppet Dashboard Release Management

The following is a list of steps to follow when cutting a new release of Puppet Dashboard. Currently, this list is based mostly on recollection, so there may be a few inaccuracies. Also, this process follows the cutting of a new release, rather than a new RC. However, the steps will be nearly identical.

1) Clone the puppet-dashboard git repo

2) Checkout the latest RC branch

3) Check for any changes between the latest RC and the previous RC

  git log --oneline --no-merges ${previous RC tag}..
    A non-RC release shouldn’t have any changes.
    A new RC will have changes, which should go into the CHANGELOG. (Detailed in the next step).

4) Update the CHANGELOG

  In the case of a full release, change the lastest RC entry to the release
    1.2.10rc1 -> 1.2.10

5) Commit the changes with a commit message of: “Update CHANGELOG for <release>”

6) Create the git tags

  git tag -s -u 4BD6EC30 -m "${version}rc${x}" ${version}rc${x}

7) Merge the RC branch into Master

8) Run the rpm packaging rake task

  rake package:rpm

9) Push the Master branch

10) Clone the git repo

     Run rake sync
     Run rake newbuild PKG=>Path to Dashboard SRPM from Dashboard git repo<
     Run rake check to verify everything is in the right place
     Run rake signall

11) Back in the Dashboard repo, create and sign the tarball:

    rake package:tar 
    gpg --armor --detach-sign -u 4BD6EC30 ${pathto}/${project}-${version}rc${x}.tar.gz

12) Copy the tarball to


13) Ship the RPM’s built at step 8 (in the repo)


14) Create the Debian packages on deb-builder.puppetlabs.lan

   rake package:deb PKG=puppet-dashboard KEY_ID=4BD6EC30

15) Copy the Debian packages to

16) In burji:/opt/repository/incoming, ship the debian packages to the apt repository.

  rake community

17) In burji:/opt/repository/incoming, update metadata.

  rake mk_repo

18) Update the wiki at:

19) Update the download options page at:

20) Send a release announcement to and

21) Announce the release in #puppet in Freenode on IRC.