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Jeff Weiss, 03/26/2012 11:21 am

Telly RoadMap (in priority order)

  • Autoloader and pluginsync

    • Sync Puppet “features” (#5454)
    • Face applications delivered via pluginsync and as modules should work (#7316)
    • Plugins only loaded once (#3741, #8341)
  • Environments

    • Plugins accessible from the master (#4409)
  • Eliminate vendored (but mostly unused) event-loop library (#4862)

  • Fully Ruby 1.9.3 support for agent and master. (#6830)

  • Placeholder for “MD5 issue” (scoping, and also #8120)

  • Placeholder for keylength default value change (#6663)

  • Make the master authoritative over client environments

    • ENC environment should override any client specified environment (#3910)
  • Static Compiler (#6873)

    • Make the static compiler default (#12158)
  • Deprecate import (#12929)

  • Slim down the core:

    • Extract Nagios types and providers from core to module forge. (#4146)
    • Extract Solaris Zone and related providers into modules on the forge. (#13172)
  • Data and Code separation

    • Data/Model separation with Hiera (#11608)

* Make autoloader more opinionated with a clearer mental model – autoloader (puppet code) – Enforce naming conventions for autoloading manifests (#5041, #5043, #5044) create_resource doesn’t interact with autoloader well (#11912) – import has issues (#12397)

  • Structured fact data

    • Facter should support structured data for third party facts (boolean, array, hash) (#4561)
    • Puppet support for structured third party fact data
  • Graph processing improvements

    • preserve containment relationships when processing graph on the client
    • produce better dot output of the client graphs
  • Modules

    • Load “library” plugins that are used by multiple puppet functions and delivered via pluginsync (#4248)
  • Environments

    • Masters cannot reliably distinguish between multiple versions of a type/function/plugin used in different environments (#12173)
  • Additional Nagios Module Tests

  • Proper acceptance tests for nagios functionality (#13409)
  • Proper rspec-puppet tests for nagios functionality (#13410)