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Mark Stanislav

  • Registered on: 12/19/2010
  • Last connection: 09/09/2013


Reported issues: 3


12:45 pm Puppet Enterprise (Public) Bug #14319: Allow puppet runs to continue when puppeting non-PE agents against a PE master.
I agree that this is definitely a problem. I'm trying to do a Puppet demo 'showcasing' the cloud provisioning and the...
12:16 pm Puppet Enterprise (Public) Bug #11372: Race condition between certificate request and signing
Running into this as well.


04:33 pm Puppet Bug #9290 (Accepted): Puppet master fails with 'stack level too deep' error when storeconfigs = t...
Out of nowhere, a known-working Puppet stack build script started to fail. The tell-tale error is 'stack level too de...


06:41 am Puppet Bug #6663: puppet.conf says keylength defaults to 1024 -- should be 2048
There will of course be a trade-off for security versus performance, which is why being reasonable about strength use...


09:59 pm Puppet Bug #6380 (Rejected): Adjust 'value' column for 'fact_values' from varchar(255) to text
This bug is wrong. Myself and (apparently Brian) are both using Foreman with our stored configuration which sets the ...
09:30 pm Puppet Bug #6380 (Rejected): Adjust 'value' column for 'fact_values' from varchar(255) to text
The current default for the 'value' column of 'fact_values' is 'VARCHAR(255)'. I suggest that this be changed to 'TEX...
04:27 pm Puppet Bug #2668: Too many facts: request-URI Too Large
Having the same issue with a host that has a large number (over 180) of IP addresses attached, thereby giving MANY in...


06:35 pm Puppet Wiki edit: Puppet_Modules (#19)
Adding Mark Stanislav


03:42 pm MCollective Plugins Wiki edit: AgentSpamAssassin (#3)
Added 'lint' example output and new syntax checking feature note


05:27 pm MCollective Plugins Wiki edit: Wiki (#33)
Addition of AgentApt link

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