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Matthaus Owens

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Reported issues: 320


11:29 pm Puppet Enterprise (Public) Bug #23245: Package resource should update multilib packages.
So during the initial OS install, one version was installed, and then, after some time, using puppet to install the o...


01:26 pm Puppet Community Package Repository Bug #23246 (Closed): RHEL5 Cannot Install puppet
Sorry about that, it looks like the metadata had trouble updating for el5-x86_64 during the Hiera 1.3.0 release. I've...


01:50 pm Puppet Bug #23000 (Rejected): puppet should not overwrite system binaries
The ruby 1.8.7 package is provided as a convenience for rhel 5 users that don't have easy access to ruby 1.8.7 but wa...


09:30 am Puppet Enterprise (Public) Feature #23139: PE 3.x PuppetDB should store data in /var/opt instead of /opt
We don't fully follow FHS for Puppet Enterprise (according to FHS our config files and directories should be under /e...


08:03 am Puppet Bug #23121: Bug in requires with there are classes into other classes
I'm moving this to the puppet core project as this doesn't seem related to our package repositories.


10:33 am MCollective Feature #23107 (Closed): Release 2.3.3
I believe this is done.


09:57 am Puppet Enterprise (Public) Bug #23070: AIX facter data for memory is wrong
It looks like this has been fixed upstream in <>


02:01 pm PuppetDB Bug #20148 (Merged - Pending Release): Debian package creates /var/log/puppetdb with wrong permis...
Merged in commit 3e9b7e4


01:27 pm Hiera Bug #22924 (Merged - Pending Release): Update packaging workflow to use install.rb
Merged at <>


12:12 pm Hiera Bug #22905: Quilt not needed in debian packaging
Merged in <>

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