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Joshua Lifton

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08:40 am Puppet Dashboard Bug #15196 (Merged - Pending Release): RFE: per_page should be configurable


11:40 am Puppet Bug #15888 (Rejected): Canceled Event: Engineering and UX Demos of Product @ Weekly from 10:30am ...
This event has been canceled and removed from your calendar.
Title: Engineering and UX Demos of Product
This is t...


01:14 pm Puppet Enterprise (Public) Bug #14222: Pe-accounts unable to lay down ssh authorised key
I did not look into this. If you and Mike agree that it's fixed, please mark it as such.


10:26 am Puppet Forge Feature #12264: Selenium tests for the forge should be written and run on CI
The budget for this has been approved. Please move forward with Sauce Labs.


09:18 pm Puppet Dashboard Bug #13867: puppet dashboard node:parameters and nodegroup:parameters does not check to see if a ...
Which version of Dashboard are you running? The most recent version of the relevant code appears to properly check if...


11:42 am Puppet Bug #7463: yum package provider doesn't piece together package name with arch correctly.
Per a discussion with Daniel, I've added this ticket to the Puppet Roadmap (
11:41 am Puppet Wiki edit: RoadMap (#60)
11:20 am Puppet Bug #10258 (Closed): LDAP node indirector broken
The original support ticket was closed and the original problem couldn't be reproduced.


11:02 am Puppet Dashboard Feature #4096 (Merged - Pending Release): Dashboard status pages should optionally autorefresh
10:52 am Puppet Dashboard Feature #4096: Dashboard status pages should optionally autorefresh
See The refresh period is not yet configurable, but everythin...

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