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Chris Price

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04:33 pm PuppetDB Bug #22882 (Closed): Catalog wire format differs from resources API


03:15 pm Puppet Enterprise (Public) Bug #22063 (Merged - Pending Release): [PATCH] call hiera functions correctly in pe_puppetdb_safe...
03:14 pm Puppet Enterprise (Public) Bug #22063 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): [PATCH] call hiera functions correctly in pe_puppetd...
05:14 pm PuppetDB Feature #21520 (Closed): Provide soft failure or reduced operation for write operations if Puppet...
05:14 pm PuppetDB Bug #22122 (Closed): puppetdb-ssl-setup returns unhelpful error when Puppet certificates don't exist
05:14 pm PuppetDB Bug #22159 (Closed): Import fails after anonymization
05:14 pm PuppetDB Bug #22168 (Closed): insufficient threads configured for SslSelectChannelConnector@


02:24 pm Puppet Bug #21884: Schedule events status in reports has changed
To reproduce this:
* You can use an empty catalog.
* on master/HEAD, via debugger or print/log statement here:
02:19 pm Puppet Bug #21884 (Closed): Schedule events status in reports has changed
Prior to this commit:


05:25 pm Puppet Feature #21805 (Unreviewed): Add `containment_path` data to resource statuses in reports
At various stages in the lifecycle of a resource during a puppet agent run, we keep track of the list of containing s...

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