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Andrew Parker

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03:35 pm Puppet Bug #3220: cron provider doesn't purge puppet-created cron resources correctly.
Redmine Issue [#3220]( has been migrated to JIRA:


01:51 pm Hiera Bug #23140: Update Hiera Master Windows/Solaris jobs to vcloud
Redmine Issue [#23140]( has been migrated to JIRA:


09:49 am Puppet Feature #19882: User's type 'shell' parameter should be validated
Redmine Issue [#19882]( has been migrated to JIRA:
09:39 am Puppet Feature #13875: Allow specified UIDs to be excluded from purge
Redmine Issue [#13875]( has been migrated to JIRA:


10:51 am Standard Library Feature #23381 (Merged - Pending Release): stdlib should have a is_bool() function to test if a v...
Merged into master in


07:08 pm Puppet Feature #23373 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): Command line manipulation of puppet.conf
The next stage of the work that allows selecting specific sections of the configuration file is up. This also changes...


12:00 pm Hiera Feature #23301 (Accepted): Cannot lookup non-string values
I can understand the use case, but the design of the system doesn't cleanly allow for what you are trying to do. The ...


02:30 pm Hiera Bug #23273: hiera fails with empty yaml file
This was originally merged into master and would have gone out in a 1.4.0 release, but it is more urgent than that an...


11:34 am Hiera Refactor #22142 (Merged - Pending Release): Substantial speed increase in hiera lookups
Merged into master in <>. This sho...


09:14 am Puppet Bug #3118 (Rejected): Default node definition should not be required when ENC returns a node defi...
As Alex says, this ticket has been open for a long time. This is behavior that is wanted by some and unwanted by othe...

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