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Welcome to the Puppet Labs issue tracker and project directory. This site handles bug reports and feature requests for our open-source and commercial software.

Everything else Puppet-related lives elsewhere:

How to Use This Site

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Flagship Projects

  • Puppet — The open source configuration management platform.
  • Puppet Enterprise — The commercially supported, full-featured, production-scale, easy-to-install Puppet distribution.
  • Documentation — The curated docs for all of Puppet Labs' products, which live at
  • Facter — The cross-platform system profiling library, usually used as part of Puppet.
  • MCollective — The message-driven orchestration framework that drives Puppet Enterprise’s live management features.
  • Puppet Dashboard — The open-source web console for analyzing Puppet’s reports and assigning configurations to nodes.
  • Puppet Forge — The web directory of ready-to-use Puppet modules.

All of our internal and external projects use for coordinating work, collecting information about bugs, and planning features. See the main list of projects for the complete list.

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Latest projects

  • CLA Application (03/25/2013 01:32 am)

    Bugs filed against the CLA app found at

  • Ask Puppet Labs (10/22/2012 09:45 am)

    This issue tracker is only for bugs or feature requests on the community website, If you aren’t coming from, please look further down the list for all other types of issues.

  • Hiera-Puppet (05/22/2012 04:25 pm)

    Hiera-puppet is in end-of-life

    As of the release of Puppet 3.0.0, hiera-puppet has been incorporated into the puppet codebase. The standalone hiera-puppet is only needed for releases of Puppet prior to 3.0.0, which are all in bug-fix only mode. The 1.x branch is…

  • PuppetDB (05/17/2012 03:45 pm)
  • Standard Library (03/29/2012 08:56 am)

    This project tracks issues and features for the stdlib Puppet Module.