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Matthaus Owens's activity

From 04/07/2012 to 04/13/2012


11:30 am Puppet Feature #13680: Distinguish "Funtoo" from "Gentoo" Linux
We need to have some sort of sane fallback to make this work (which it sounds like may not be possible).
We have ...
Matthaus Owens
10:41 am Facter Bug #13936 (Duplicate): facter -y/--yaml
Matthaus Owens
10:38 am Puppet Bug #13937 (Rejected): puppet 2.7.13 RPM missing "puppet module" face
The puppet module face hasn't been released in FOSS puppet yet (but will be in 2.7.14).
It did make it into the pe...
Matthaus Owens
11:50 pm Puppet Bug #13640 (Merged - Pending Release): Puppet master gets into an infinite loop
merged at <> Matthaus Owens


01:15 pm Puppet Bug #13279 (Accepted): File resource runs when 'require'ed Exec fails but only if refreshonly is ...
I can verify this behavior on Puppet 2.7.13
Moving to puppet, as this is a core puppet problem, not a PE specific ...
Matthaus Owens
10:25 pm Puppet Community Package Repository Bug #13878 (Closed): Yum repository broken when used via Puppet.
Yes, should be fixed and that package shouldn't be returning to cause any more trouble. Thanks for letting us know an... Matthaus Owens


01:07 pm Puppet Bug #13606 (Closed): Telnet provider writes to insecure location
released in 2.7.13 Matthaus Owens
01:01 pm Puppet Bug #13518 (Closed): file bucket request can execute arbitrary commands as puppet master
Released in 2.7.13, 2.6.15 Matthaus Owens
12:57 pm Puppet Bug #13511 (Closed): Filebuckets expose files on puppet master
Released in 2.7.13 and 2.6.15 Matthaus Owens
12:44 pm Puppet Wiki edit: Release_Notes (#179)
Matthaus Owens
12:39 pm Puppet Wiki edit: Downloading_Puppet (#158)
Matthaus Owens
11:55 am Puppet Community Package Repository Feature #13436 (Rejected): Package augeas 0.10 for RHEL6
Because RHEL6 already maintains and contains augeas packages (and none of our products require version 0.10....
Matthaus Owens


10:43 am Puppet Community Package Repository Bug #13572: Install of facter 1.6.7-1 fails on CentOS 5.5
I believe the el5 rpms may have been signed using the el6 method. Moses is investigating. Matthaus Owens


01:29 pm Puppet Community Package Repository Bug #12677 (Closed): Error from apt-mirror replicating due to a typo in the Pa...
Looks like the packages file now has lowercase s in MD5sum, so seems like this has been addressed. Matthaus Owens

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