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konrad rzentarzewski's activity

From 06/27/2012 to 07/03/2012


09:29 am Puppet Bug #15329: Puppet lacks a proper "undefined" value
this actually is #15329 konrad rzentarzewski


09:33 am Puppet Bug #12185: Puppet agents get stuck
it didn't helped. ie, i've restarted ntpd and ran date at 14:23 and experienced another gap at 17:08 - 18:31 (no pupp... konrad rzentarzewski
09:23 am MCollective Bug #15323 (Closed): unable to use parentheses in regex in compound filter
the following filter works:
-W 'hostname=/^dev(0|1|2)/'
the following:
-S 'hostname=/^dev(0|1|2)/'
konrad rzentarzewski
04:19 am Puppet Bug #12185: Puppet agents get stuck
Centos 5 konrad rzentarzewski
03:54 am Puppet Bug #12185: Puppet agents get stuck
maybe related, about 10% of my puppet agents started acting strange (delayed runs) today - we haven't observed it ear... konrad rzentarzewski


03:10 am Puppet Bug #4624: SIGUSR1 should ignore splay
we observe same behaviour:
[root@dev60 ~]$ killall -USR1 puppetd
[root@dev60 ~]$ Jun 27 12:04:58 dev60 pu...
konrad rzentarzewski

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