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Bug #10357

rabbitmq: Admin checks in rabbitmq_user

Added by Ken Barber over 4 years ago.

Status:AcceptedStart date:10/28/2011
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Dan Bode% Done:


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(moved from github – originally raised by jorgeecardona)


I’m using this code:

RabbitMQ server

class { “rabbitmq::server”: delete_guest_user => true, config => template(‘broker/rabbitmq.config.erb’) }


rabbitmq_user { ‘user’: password => ‘password’, admin => false, provider => ‘rabbitmqctl’, }


rabbitmq_vhost { ‘app’: provider => ‘rabbitmqctl’, }

Basic Permissions

rabbitmq_user_permissions { ‘user@app’: configure_permission => ‘.’, read_permission => ‘.’, write_permission => ‘.*’, provider => ‘rabbitmqctl’, }

After apply this I get this error:

err: /Stage[main]/Rabbitmq::Server/Rabbitmq_user[guest]: Could not evaluate: Could not match line ‘guest (true|false)’ from list_users (perhaps you are running on an older version of rabbitmq that does not support admin users?)

I’m using rabbitmq 2.6.1-1 in debian testing.

From the way to set an user as admin is to set tags and there is no set_admin or clear_admin commands.

What can I do? should I downgrade to 2.5?


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