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Feature #1107

Allow exclusion in tags specified on the command line

Added by Martha Greenberg about 8 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Affected Puppet version:0.24.4 Branch:

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Tags should allow exclusions, i.e. all,!test That’s probably the most common case you would want to use tags, so that rather than tagging everything as production, you can just tag those items you are playing with.

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#1 Updated by James Turnbull about 8 years ago

I think you’ll find this works – at least in does in the tagmail report…?

#2 Updated by Luke Kanies about 8 years ago

This does work in tagmail, but it doesn’t work in transactions, as Martha is indicating.

#3 Updated by James Turnbull about 8 years ago


#4 Updated by James Turnbull about 8 years ago

Martha – I know you meant —tags but was suggesting that this might already be possible? Have you tested it? If it isn’t possible then that’s fine and I’d say this is an excellent enhancement.

#5 Updated by Martha Greenberg about 8 years ago

I don’t mean tagmail, I mean manifest tags. I want to run puppetd -tags all,!test and get all objects for the node that are not tagged test.

#6 Updated by Redmine Admin almost 8 years ago

  • Status changed from 1 to Accepted

#7 Updated by TIago Cruz over 7 years ago

  • Affected Puppet version set to 0.24.4

Hello Guys,

With this feature I’ll be able to do some like this?

node default {
    include dst
    include aide
    include cfg2html
    include tcpwrappers
    include shorewall


node exclusion host5001, host5002, host5003 {
    exclude tcpwrappers



#8 Updated by Luke Kanies over 7 years ago

No, the subject specifies command-line exclusion, not in the language.

#9 Updated by TIago Cruz over 7 years ago

Hum… nice :–)

So, today its possible do what I want to do? (exclude some host from default)? =)

#10 Updated by Luke Kanies over 7 years ago

No, it’s not possible; just that this ticket is unrelated.

#11 Updated by James Turnbull almost 7 years ago

  • Assignee deleted (Puppet Community)

#12 Updated by Nick Lewis almost 6 years ago

What is the status of this ticket? The mailing list has a patch that seems to relate but isn’t merged:

#13 Updated by Oliver Hookins about 5 years ago

I expect that the patch is unsuitable now that 2.6 (or even 2.7) is the expected target… anything I can do to help?

#14 Updated by James Turnbull over 4 years ago

  • Target version deleted (4)

#15 Updated by Kristian Kostecky about 4 years ago

What is the update on what version is to get this feature? This is extremely useful.

#16 Updated by Nick Fagerlund over 3 years ago

Like the OP implies, we would also have to let the tags setting accept the all pseudo-tag used by tagmail.conf, which I’m pretty sure it currently doesn’t.

#17 Updated by Andrew Stangl over 3 years ago

I would also like to see this feature become available, it opens up lots of possibilities

#18 Updated by Anonymous over 2 years ago

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