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mcollective issues

Added by Sean O'Neill about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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should mcollective be installed on the same server as the puppet master?

i installed it on the puppet master server but get this error testing it:

[root@vzsjclttd06 ~]# mco ping connect to failed: Connection refused – connect(2) will retry(#0) in 5 connect to failed: Connection refused – connect(2) will retry(#1) in 5 connect to failed: Connection refused – connect(2) will retry(#2) in 5 connect to failed: Connection refused – connect(2) will retry(#3) in 5 ping failed to run: Could not connect to Stomp Server: (RuntimeError)

i then installed mcollective on a different server and get a result for the server ping but also get this error:

[root@vzsjclttd01 /]# mco ping time=52.11 ms ping failed to run: uninitialized constant Stomp::Error::NoCurrentConnection (NameError)

looking for some help to troubleshoot the issues.



#1 Updated by Celia Cottle almost 2 years ago

Yes, the MCollective should be on the master. It looks like it’s having problems connecting to the STOMP connector. If you’re on POSS, can you check that your settings for STOMP match those in this document? More information on installation of MCollective for POSS can be found here:

Please note if you’re running Puppet Enterprise these will not be the correct settings, you’ll need to use port 61613, but MCollective should have been automatically installed with Puppet Enterprise.

#2 Updated by Matthaus Owens almost 2 years ago

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#3 Updated by Moses Mendoza over 1 year ago

Hi Sean,

Did you get this figured out? I’ll assume this can be closed unless we hear back from you.

#4 Updated by Nigel Kersten over 1 year ago

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#5 Updated by Jo Rhett over 1 year ago

So I ran into this today and found the following:

mcollective comes with default configurations pointing at port 61613. The mcollective client is binding to 6163 regardless of the configuration file.

It works fine if you change the ports to 6163. It would be useful if the configuration files installed by mcollective were updated with the right options.

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