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Bug #14844

upstart provider can't list services via 'puppet resource' application

Added by Chris Price almost 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:06/05/2012
Priority:UrgentDue date:
Assignee:Andrew Parker% Done:


Target version:3.0.0
Affected Puppet version: Branch:
Keywords: customer

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This ticket is going to look a lot like #14843, but it is a different issue.

I just installed puppet 3.0-rc via the apt/yum repos on a clean centos6 VM and a clean ubuntu 10.04 VM. Running this command:

puppet resource service

on the CentOS machine yields output that looks like this:

service { 'sshd':
  ensure => 'running',
  enable => 'true',
service { 'udev-post':
  ensure => 'stopped',
  enable => 'true',

However, running the same command on the Ubuntu machine yields:

Error: Could not run: no block given

Running again with —trace gives:

Error: Could not run: no block given

I suspect the problem is in the upstart provider, since that’s the major difference between the code path for this command on Cent vs. Ubuntu. I haven’t tried this command with previous versions of puppet on debian-based machines; I assume it should work, but if for some reason it’s not supported, we at least need to do a better job with the error messaging.

(The VMs used to repro this are the same ones we use for PE acceptance testing.)

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