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Bug #15671

error "Defaults are not virtualizable" is somewhat opaque

Added by Patrick Carlisle almost 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:AcceptedStart date:07/24/2012
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:eric sorenson% Done:


Category:error reporting
Target version:-
Affected Puppet version: Branch:
Keywords:ux, errors, parser

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While refactoring some spec tests I came across this test

it "should fail if trying to collect defaults" do
  expect {
    @parser.parse("@Port { protocols => tcp }")
  }.to raise_error(Puppet::ParseError, /Defaults are not virtualizable/)

I added the string for the error, since that’s what gets raised, but it seems like to anyone without a deep understanding of puppet that this error would be near useless.

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#1 Updated by Anonymous almost 4 years ago

  • Status changed from Unreviewed to Accepted
  • Assignee set to eric sorenson

I don’t understand this error, either, but we should do better. Patrick’s right: no normal user has a chance at understanding it.

#2 Updated by eric sorenson over 3 years ago

  • Parent task set to #17017

#3 Updated by eric sorenson over 3 years ago

  • Parent task deleted (#17017)

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