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Feature #20173

Logdest cannot be set in the puppet.conf

Added by Celia Cottle about 3 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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This is potentially a duplicate issue of a few things floating around out there, but most focus on masterlog, so I’m opening this up separately. Currently you can use —logdest /var/log/somelogfile, but you cannot set it in the puppet.conf. This seems like an oversight, especially since there seems to be a good number of people who wish to keep all puppet logs out of /var/log/messages. There are ways around this (etc/init.d/pe-puppet), but they are purely workarounds. It looks like some of the reason for this is the old masterlog option, which it seems is no longer in use, used to be the preferred way of setting in the puppet.conf.

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#1 Updated by Celia Cottle about 3 years ago

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#4 Updated by Charlie Sharpsteen almost 3 years ago

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I’ll see what can be done about this. Looks like there is also some documentation that needs to be fixed (ref #12361)

#5 Updated by Anonymous almost 3 years ago

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The issue here is that logdest is not a setting, which would make it global to all subcommands and available to be set in puppet.conf. This isn’t really a bug, but a feature request to make logdest behave in a better manner. Not a big deal, but a slight clarification.

#6 Updated by Eddie Satterly over 2 years ago

This is required for core functionality to build the a Splunk app for Puppet and to be able to track all changes and show the current health of the Puppet system in Splunk. This is a request from several Splunk customers.

#7 Updated by eric sorenson over 2 years ago

Eddie—can you clarify why the Splunk integrations require a puppet.conf setting rather than a command line option?

#8 Updated by Eddie Satterly over 2 years ago

A Splunk app has no way of checking if the service is logging where it is supposed to be and there are just no entries, or if the service has started with a certain cmd line switch easily. In the case of a config file that is out of the box for us as we use .conf files as well so we could check state and verify if in failure condition or just no activity. Otherwise we would have to do custom command for ps-ef with grep for service invocation and parse for cmd line switch and that is ugly and prone to issues, especially with version changes.

#9 Updated by Charlie Sharpsteen almost 2 years ago

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