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Bug #3593

Document how Forge modules should be versioned

Added by Igal Koshevoy almost 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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We’re now pushing for Puppet and related projects. Forge modules should follow the same practice.

To that end, we should include documentation on how to properly version modules (with information about SemVer) and make that documentation visible when a user is publishing a module or release.

I suggest we document the how and why of versioning here:

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#1 Updated by Igal Koshevoy almost 4 years ago

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Nick, do you still want to be assigned to this or would you prefer I make a pull against modules_publishing.html?

#5 Updated by Nick Fagerlund almost 2 years ago

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If you have a pretty good idea what you want in there, I would lovvvve a pull request.

I suggest you make the versioning instructions a new H3 header underneath the “release a new version” section at the bottom.

#6 Updated by Ryan Coleman over 1 year ago

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We’re covering this pretty well now. Sorry for neglecting updates to this ticket.

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