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Bug #5279

Facter util loader loads files from everywhere in $LOAD_PATH, makes tests fail

Added by Matt Robinson over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:DuplicateStart date:11/12/2010
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I’m not entirely sure if this is a problem with implementation also. However, for testing it means that if you have a different version of facter installed on the machine than the version of the code you want to test, the test may end up running the wrong code.


search_path and load_all combine to load every file in the load path, which may be facter running from source AND facter installed in whatever directory the load path normally looks in.

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Duplicates Facter - Feature #4551: Command line add/remove search paths Accepted 08/17/2010


#1 Updated by Paul Nasrat over 5 years ago

  • Status changed from Unreviewed to Duplicate

Pretty sure this is a dupe of issue #4551 which I filed for this issue.

#2 Updated by Paul Nasrat over 5 years ago

Note for 2.0 we want to change loader behaviour as in the roadmap.

#3 Updated by Paul Berry over 5 years ago

Nick and I ran into this while working on the demo machine for the 11/17 iteration. The home directory of the demo machine contained a dir called “facter” which was the source code to facter. This made errors occur if you tried to run “facter” from the home directory.

#4 Updated by Paul Nasrat over 5 years ago

Yeah it’s well known hence the comment in ArchitectureForTwoDotOh

  • Facts shouldn’t be in lib/ (should probably be /var somewhere)

Changing this in 1.x would break a lot of peoples setup, sadly it tends to bite developers/CI systems worst, along with a few cases of multiple installs.

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