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Bug #7463

yum package provider doesn't piece together package name with arch correctly.

Added by Ben Hughes almost 3 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Status:DuplicateStart date:05/09/2011
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If you try and specify the architecture for a package with the yum provider it either can’t find the package initially or can’t find it on subsequent runs.

Expected Behaviour

You should be able to specify the arch in the version or package name, and yum installs only that version once it reassembles all the information for the package.

Actual Behaviour

If you specify the package/arch like:

package{ 'njn-plugins-client':
      name    => "njn-plugins-client.${architecture}",
      ensure  => "1.4-26",

Yum queries for “njn-plugins-client.${architecture}-1.4-26” which is the wrong format, so will never find the package to install it.

If however you specify it via:

package{ 'njn-plugins-client':
      name    => "njn-plugins-client",
      ensure  => "1.4-26.${architecture}",

It will get installed, but puppet is unaware that the “.${arch}” is on the version number, so can no longer find that version installed.

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Duplicates Puppet - Bug #2662: Yum package arch and version ensuring failing Accepted 09/20/2009


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Closing as a duplicate of #2662.

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