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Bug #973

Packages with the same name in different providers cannot be defined

Added by Sebastian Delmont over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Luke Kanies% Done:


Target version:-
Affected Puppet version:0.25.4 Branch:

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If you need to install two different packages, using two different providers, that just happen to have the same name, puppet will complain about “Resource Package[whatever] is already defined”

The attached patch adds a “packagename” parameter to the Package Type that lets you override the internal name used when invoking the provider. This allows a declaration like:

packagename { "mysql-yum":
    ensure   => installed,
    package  => "mysql",
    provider => yum;

packagename { "mysql-gem":
    ensure   => installed,
    package  => "mysql",
    provider => gem;

The patch implements support for this feature in all available package providers as of 0.24.0

packagename.patch.0.24 (21.7 KB) Sebastian Delmont, 12/27/2007 09:56 pm

fix-973.patch Magnifier (25 KB) Sebastian Delmont, 12/28/2007 04:20 pm

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#1 Updated by Sebastian Delmont over 8 years ago

This patch is actually not working :–(

#2 Updated by Sebastian Delmont over 8 years ago

fix-973.patch does work (at least when I tested it locally)

#3 Updated by Sebastian Delmont over 8 years ago

Please ignore (and delete, if possible) the patch called packagename.patch.0.24

#4 Updated by James Turnbull over 8 years ago

Luke – This makes sense to me but I figure it’s your call. If you agree I am happy to apply the patch.

#5 Updated by Luke Kanies over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from 1 to Closed
  • 7 set to wontfix

I’m not willing to apply this patch, because it makes packages behave differently than other types that support providers.

We need to make a decision about whether we consider two resources with the same name but different providers to be the same resource, and upon deciding we need to implement the necessary support for all resource types, not just one type.

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