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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
5790 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedNormalPuppet Enterprise should provide native packages (RPM, DEB, etc.)
5801 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedHighAdd repository modules to PE for managing apt/yum repos.
5851 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedLowAdd support for answer files to be fetched from http:// URIsMatthaus Owens
5954 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedNormalHandle less post-install in shell, use puppet insteadPE Pidge
7027 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedLowHandle certificate signing failures in a robust manner
7399 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureNeeds More InformationNormalprompt for license key during installerGarrett Honeycutt
7483 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedNormalability to collate how many licenses are being used across multiple CA'sNigel Kersten
8161 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedNormalCloudPack documentation should include an AWS EC2 Quick StartKelsey Hightower
8162 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedLowCloud Pack should have no required options
8163 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedNormalCloudPack should have one configuration file
8164 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureNeeds More InformationLowCloudPack should have an action to write settings to a configuration file
8186 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedLowactions should be able to read node lists from stdin
8284 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureNeeds More InformationNormalnode classification should be based on factsJeff McCune
8292 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedNormalshould be able to explicitly document Puppet options that can be used
8297 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedHighcloud pack instructions for created a local certificate produces errors
8351 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedNormalshould document how to write custom template
8399 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugNeeds More InformationNormalOptions with hyphens are converted to underscores in helpJeff McCune
8421 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedNormalPuppet Cert Revoke requires pe-httpPE 3.x
8475 Puppet Enterprise (Public)RefactorNeeds DecisionNormalAdd test coverage for ssh_remote_execute methodJeff McCune
8674 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedLowTime discrepancy error should be clearer
9413 Puppet Enterprise (Public)RefactorNeeds DecisionNormalCloud provisioner no longer needs to do region validationJeff McCune
9645 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedNormalnode _aws list should be more aware of keypairs
10051 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureNeeds More InformationLowAllow users to integrate with an existing MCollective installation or remove MCollective easily.Zach LesliePE Lance
10106 Puppet Enterprise (Public)FeatureAcceptedNormalShould be able plugin synced cloud provisioner
10186 Puppet Enterprise (Public)BugAcceptedNormalGive better error message if install script isn't foundCarl Caum

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