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Telly Deprecations

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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
16042 PuppetRefactorClosedNormalRemove deprecated methods from Puppet::Parser::Functions3.0.0
15966 PuppetBugClosedNormalUpdate Facter version dependencies eric sorenson3.0.0
15961 PuppetBugAcceptedNormalToo vague of a depreciation warning when using source with out "modules" in the file path
15773 PuppetBugAcceptedNormalStart deprecating 'versionRequirement' per code commenteric sorenson3.5.0
15772 PuppetBugAcceptedNormalRemove deprecated process execution methods in util Waldorf
15771 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove deprecations in Type objects 3.0.0
15769 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove 'type' attribute for package 3.0.0
15768 PuppetBugClosedNormalDeprecate activerecord stored configsDeepak Giridharagopal3.0.0
15767 PuppetBugNeeds DecisionNormalRestrict pluginsync to a 'whitelist' of directories3.x
15766 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove 'path' as the name for the mount point3.0.0
15765 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove support for setting recursion depth with the recurse parameter 3.0.0
15764 PuppetBugAcceptedNormalRemove deprecations in base_settings.rb Waldorf
15763 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove deprecated methods on Providers3.0.0
15762 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove support for Facter versions lower than
15760 PuppetBugClosedNormalRequire $ in prototype 3.0.0
15758 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove fact downcasing 3.0.0
15757 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove 'allowed?' on REST authorization 3.0.0
15755 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove set_default_format 3.0.0
15754 PuppetBugClosedNormalStop supporting files found in modules without 'modules' in the file path3.0.0
15753 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove reportserver (and replace with report_server)3.0.0
15752 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove ca_days3.0.0
15751 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove puppet --apply 3.0.0
15750 PuppetBugClosedNormalRemove setting the :cacrl to 'false' 3.0.0
15749 PuppetBugAcceptedNormalStop using individual applications for config file parsingWaldorf
15747 PuppetBugAcceptedNormalRemove underscore-separated application namesWaldorf

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