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Bug #4415

Updated by Ben Hughes over 4 years ago



node puppetclient {

vcsrepo { "/usr/local/dev/repo":

ensure => present,

provider => git


notify { 'test123':

require => Vcsrepo['/usr/local/dev/repo']




if I dont sync vcsrepo and I remove the type source code for notify.rb, then puppet doesn't fail and just ignores them


debug: /Stage[main]//Node[puppetclient]/Notify[test123]/require: requires Vcsrepo[/usr/local/dev/repo]

info: Applying configuration version '1280516948'

debug: Finishing transaction -607606538

debug: Storing state

debug: Stored state in 0.02 seconds

notice: Finished catalog run in 0.04 seconds

debug: Using cached certificate for ca

debug: Using cached certificate for puppetclient

debug: Using cached certificate_revocation_list for ca

debug: Value of 'preferred_serialization_format' (pson) is invalid for report, using default (b64_zlib_yaml)

debug: report supports formats: b64_zlib_yaml marshal raw yaml; using b64_zlib_yaml