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From 10/27/2011 to 11/02/2011


12:07 pm Feature #8891: Direct Link to the last report
I submitted a pull request ( which I believe satisfies this en... Darrell Fuhriman


04:36 pm Bug #10442 (Accepted): Delayed job failures are not cleared when clearing jobs with 'rake jobs:cl...
I have a ton of delayed job failures in my dashboard under background tasks. They are mostly failed imports of report... Steven Seed
11:58 am Bug #10424 (Merged - Pending Release): delayed_job_failures has wrong url when RAILS_RELATIVE_URL...
I set RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT=/puppet-dashboard in /etc/sysconfig/puppet-dashboard to have puppet-dashboard reside in... Jeremy Kindy
11:41 am Bug #10024: redhat puppet-dashboard-wokers init file 'defective'
Looks like it also needs a default DASHBOARD_USER if not using the hardcoded value:
: ${DASHBOARD_USER:=puppet-d...
Jeremy Kindy
11:13 am Bug #10422 (Accepted): Dashboard report importing: undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass
Hey there,
I'm running the latest stable Dashboard (1.2.2) installed from the puppet-dashboard_1.2.2-1_all.deb on ...
Ryan Conway


03:57 pm Bug #8156: Layout breaks with smaller window
I thought this was fixed some time ago. Close? Anonymous
03:53 pm Bug #9870 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): Graphs have black background in IE8
02:43 pm Bug #9870 (Investigating): Graphs have black background in IE8
09:39 am Bug #10249 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): Message column in report log can blow up layout
I added a class to the _log partial such that the message column can be addressed with .message instead of :nth-child... Anonymous


02:31 pm Feature #2977: PostgresQL backend support
I'm sorry Neal, this won't be done for PE 2.0, but it's an important target feature for a subsequent release. Nigel Kersten
09:40 am Feature #2977: PostgresQL backend support
Can we find out if this was done for PE2.0? We would like to drop MySQL if possible as the rest of our infrastructur... Neal Brown


12:07 pm Bug #10333 (Accepted): Class "count" of nodes using that class fails to take groups into account.
I have a setup as per the attached image.
There is a group "pe_agents" that has the "pe_mcollective" class associa...
Nigel Kersten

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