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15925 FeatureUnreviewedLowDashboard NO_LONGER_REPORTING_CUTOFF should be configurable per node
15991 FeatureUnreviewedNormalHierarchy of groups1.2.x
15055 BugUnreviewedNormalDashboard requires MySQL setting "autocommit" to be "ON"
16732 FeatureUnreviewedNormalList Arbitrary Facts in Node Table
15198 BugUnreviewedNormalRFE: sortable columns
19661 BugUnreviewedNormaldashboard has writable dirs in /usr/…
19532 FeatureUnreviewedNormalMore useful graphs
20470 BugUnreviewedNormalsome delayed_jobs aren't processed
20480 BugUnreviewedNormalPuppet dashboard should retry if it encounters mysql deadlocks.
20482 BugUnreviewedNormalReports can be too big for dashboard
20449 BugUnreviewedNormalautorefresh fails, on https urls
19879 FeatureUnreviewedNormalAdd support for custom links on global navigation bar
21119 BugUnreviewedNormalDashboard-vhost.conf is incorrect by default configuration 1.2.x
21571 BugUnreviewedNormalDashboard stores pid files in /usr
21810 FeatureUnreviewedNormalputting reports in same puppet-dashboard environment, as the puppet report was run in.
21743 FeatureUnreviewedNormalRevoking a cert from puppet dashboard
22260 BugUnreviewedNormalPuppet dashboard fail to transform report when "report_format" value is nil1.2.x
22152 BugUnreviewedNormalbug reporting stops complete - one report is defective
22336 BugUnreviewedNormalDashboard does not display correctly in IE9
22585 BugUnreviewedNormalthe failure to download a catalog due to an ArgumentError is not showing up as an error in the dashboard
22612 BugUnreviewedNormalLinux newline sequence in generated HTML for watching a specific node report
20242 RefactorUnreviewedNormalModify resources_statuses schema
22994 BugUnreviewedHighWrong Node category is chosen
23014 FeatureUnreviewedLowindicate puppet ("authorized") file changes vs user ("unauthorized") changes
18757 BugUnreviewedUrgentdelayed_job script crash and doesn't recover

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