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3233 FeatureRe-openedNormalDashboard should allow setting noop per node
22611 BugRe-openedNormalWrong HTML Links in Dashboard Version 1.2.23
12969 FeatureIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewNormalAdd Ability to Add Groups to Groups using Rake APIAaron Stone
20147 BugIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewNormalPuppet Dashboard 1.2.23 issue deleting nodeAaron Stone
5398 BugCode InsufficientHighinventory custom query and node inventory error
4741 FeatureCode InsufficientNormalAdd Capistrano support
7869 BugCode InsufficientNormalFilebucket 'diffs' in dashboard don't actually show as diffs.Nigel Kersten
11940 FeatureCode InsufficientNormalAllow third-party users to add documentation to the console
3534 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalDashboard should support ability to set variables as arrays in the ENC
4189 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalimprove node view with many parametersJoe Wagner
5983 BugNeeds DecisionNormalPuppet-Dashboard Daily run statusJoe Wagner
6516 BugNeeds DecisionNormalDashboard report logs are in the opposite orderJoe Wagner
6517 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalshould not display internal puppet resourcesJoe Wagner
6519 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalDashboard Report Events should show desired_value and historical_value, not messageJoe Wagner
6769 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalDashboard self-service plug-inNigel Kersten
7069 BugNeeds DecisionNormalDashboard's default port blocked by default SELinux policyMichael Stahnke
7196 BugNeeds DecisionNormalexternal node tool should URL encode node namesNick Lewis
7608 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalTrend report for facts and historical dataNigel Kersten
7633 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalAdmin puppet CA from dasboard.Nigel Kersten
7696 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalInventory service 'Custom query' page should be more functionalJoe Wagner
8074 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalDashboard should have ability to clean itselfNigel Kersten
8113 BugNeeds DecisionNormalNode inventory facts should wrap or scroll-overflowJoe Wagner
8223 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalrun script after creating/updating/deleting nodeNigel Kersten
8882 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalkey->value parameters set in groups scoped appropriatelyJoe Wagner
10932 FeatureNeeds DecisionNormalPuppet Dashboard 1.2.2; node list also able to sort on node column

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