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From 06/17/2011 to 06/23/2011


04:50 pm Bug #2344: VMware workstation detected as vmware_server
This may have been fixed some time ago, I recall the virtual stuff getting re-written after I had filed these bugs. Joe McDonagh
04:37 pm Bug #6740 (Closed): facter doesn't always respect facts in environment variables
Released in 1.6.0 Michael Stahnke
04:35 pm Bug #6612 (Closed): RSpec test failure on SPARC - bignum too big to convert into `long'
Closed - in release 1.6.0 Michael Stahnke
04:34 pm Bug #5135 (Closed): Facter returns physicalprocessorcount => 0 on a physical computer
Released in 1.6.0 Michael Stahnke
04:26 pm Bug #2714 (Closed): Solaris prtdiag hangs facter
In release 1.6.0 Michael Stahnke
04:20 pm Bug #2242: Simplify OpenVZ detection, based on /proc/self/status
If this is in a topic branch, where is it? Michael Stahnke
04:12 pm Bug #6614 (Closed): ipv6 rspec tests fail on Ruby 1.9.2 - block (2 levels) in <top (required)>
released in 1.6.0. Michael Stahnke
04:11 pm Bug #6971 (Closed): Spec tests failures for processor count and virtuals tests
In release 1.6.0 Michael Stahnke


10:12 am Feature #7996 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): Solaris 10/11 fact for physicalprocessorcount and...
Merritt Krakowitzer
07:21 am Refactor #7142 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): facter/lib/util/manufacturer.rb sets facts
Adrien Thebo


12:42 pm Feature #7996 (Closed): Solaris 10/11 fact for physicalprocessorcount and ProcessorCount
As soon as I figure out how to commit this :)... Merritt Krakowitzer


09:42 am Bug #1346: Using 'ip addr' over ifconfig
Arch Linux recently deprecated net-tools in favor of iproute2 and yp-tools. [1] I give a big +1 for ip addr.
[1] ...
Spencer Rinehart

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