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From 07/02/2011 to 07/08/2011


09:55 am Feature #8322 (Accepted): Facter should return as much info as Windows SystemInfo
Windows defaults system interrogator returns a bit more info than facter. I think this could also be done by creating... Cameron Thomas
08:38 am Bug #7038: Cannot use prtdiag in Solaris non-global zones
Looks better folks, but there's still a small whinge:... Mark Phillips


06:52 pm Bug #8279 (Closed): ec2_security_groups concatenates multiple groups instead of separating by a c...
When you run facter on an ec2 node, the ec2_security_groups fact joins all of the groups a node belongs to. Separatin... Michael Halligan


09:56 am Bug #8247 (Closed): arp name resolution introduces timeouts when DNS is not available
arp -a should be changed to arp -an to speed up arp resolution Raymond Page
07:48 am Bug #8240 (Closed): Facter domain logic does not permit "domain" or "search" as a substring of yo...
In domain.rb
This is incorrect:
20 if line =~ /domain\s+(\S+)/
21 do...
Raymond Page
07:19 am Feature #4566: Fact resolutions should be individually resolvable
Wasn't this affected recently in Facter?
Makes me think there's a duplicate bug somewhere.
Luke Kanies


04:38 pm Bug #8234 (Rejected): Facter does not run on Mac OS X hosts running Ruby 1.9.x
It fails while trying to parse the xml emitted from system_profiler. A patch to fix the issue has already been sent v... Jonathan Boyett
12:31 pm Bug #8128: Some facts take a LOOONNGGG time to run
fwiw those times above were from redhat, i didnt get time yet to see why lsb_release is so slow on rhel R.I. Pienaar
10:11 am Bug #8128: Some facts take a LOOONNGGG time to run
The lsb facts on debian (at least on lenny) are taking a looong time because sometimes lsb_release need to resort to ... Brice Figureau


08:02 am Bug #8210 (Closed): virtual fact should work for EL kvm guests
The Output from /proc/cpuinfo can not used reliable for telling that it is a kvm virtual machine.
On a CentOS 5.6 kv...
Markus Falb
08:07 pm Bug #7670 (Closed): operatingsystem fact incorrect after clear on Ubuntu
James Turnbull


11:11 am Bug #8148 (Accepted): each used on strings, must be each_line in ruby 1.9
Jacob Helwig

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