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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
23314 FeatureIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewNormalAdd Docker to the virtual facts
23269 BugIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewNormalfacter fails on smartos1.7.x
23244 BugUnreviewedNormalinterfaces facter takes too much time on openstack
23179 BugUnreviewedNormaloperatingsystemmajrelease has a confine for Debian, but not Ubuntu
23132 BugUnreviewedNormalFacter 1.7.x crashes on CentOS 6.x VMs with an illegal instruction while looking up sshfp
22963 BugUnreviewedNormalDifferent fact values when run as root
22783 FeatureUnreviewedNormalUse latest EC2 metadata
22711 BugUnreviewedHighFacter 1.7.3 broken on OS X 10.9
22520 BugUnreviewedNormalmanufacturer.rb gives Bus error on LXC
22290 BugAcceptedNormalfacter fails when on non standard nic
21946 BugUnreviewedNormalFacter 1.7.2 fails trying to load win32 support code when flushed, if facts are collected first.
21808 BugNeeds More InformationNormalChanged domain and fqdn factsMatthias Saou
21792 FeatureAcceptedNormalFacter needs the ability to better control its search paths
21538 BugNeeds DecisionNormalcfpropertylist can't handle plain text plists?eric sorenson
21530 BugAcceptedNormalcfpropertylist .to_plist method doesn't output Apple standard XML format
21500 FeatureUnreviewedNormalAllow for disabling certain facts within Facter
21141 BugNeeds More InformationHighIPv6 - interface missingCharlie Sharpsteen
21088 BugNeeds DecisionNormalfqdn Fact returns nil when hostname or domain are nileric sorenson
21044 FeatureUnreviewedNormalRefine value of virtual fact for System Z Linux guests
20860 FeatureInvestigatingNormalFacter should support a fact for the running Puppet parserWill Farrington1.7.x
20842 BugNeeds DecisionNormalRace condition with ifconfig -a and ifconfig $interface when $interface is removedVincent Janelle
20759 BugNeeds More InformationNormalXen virtualization incorrectly detected when DomU has Dom0-capable kernelGabor Garami
20678 BugNeeds DecisionHighProblems with virtual/is_virtual, virt-what
20676 BugAcceptedNormalprocessorcount on hpux is wrong
20408 FeatureAcceptedNormalShould be possible to merge structured facts2.0.0

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