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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
9852 FeatureClosedNormalFix watchr for facterKen Barber1.6.2
9830 FeatureClosedNormalSupport Elliptic Curve SSH keys (patch included)Ken Barber1.6.2
9787 BugClosedNormalChange rspec format so we use the default, not documentKen Barber1.6.2
9786 BugClosedLowAdd new tasks to help with running testsKen Barber1.6.2
9593 BugClosedLowjson output doesn't work in ruby 1.8.7Ken Barber1.6.2
9404 FeatureClosedNormalAdd dragonfly bsdKen Barber1.6.2
9295 FeatureClosedNormalDetect Microsoft Hyper-V from guestsAndrew Elwell1.6.2
8615 FeatureClosedNormalrspec should reset the environment between testsAdrien Thebo1.6.2
8240 BugClosedNormalFacter domain logic does not permit "domain" or "search" as a substring of your domainnameAdrien Thebo1.6.2
7996 FeatureClosedNormalSolaris 10/11 fact for physicalprocessorcount and ProcessorCountAdrien Thebo1.6.2
7951 FeatureClosedNormalAmazon Linux OS detectionKen Barber1.6.2
7726 BugClosedLowFacter should not call prtconf inside a Solaris zoneAdrien Thebo1.6.2
7412 BugClosedNormalAdd CloudLinux to operatingsystem and operatingsystemrelease factsJames Turnbull1.6.2
6792 FeatureClosedLowA fact to identify OS familyAdrien Thebo1.6.2
6728 BugClosedHighFacter improperly detects openvzve on CloudLinux systemsBen Hughes1.6.2
6515 BugClosedNormalprocessorcount not initializedMichael Kincaid1.6.2
4980 BugClosedLowDarwin doesn't show architecture factMichael Kincaid1.6.2
3856 BugClosedNormalFacter doesn't detect VirtualBox as a virtualAdrien Thebo1.6.2
2945 BugClosedNormalProcessorcount is zeroJames Turnbull1.6.2
2747 BugClosedNormalthe virtual fact and xenMichael Kincaid1.6.2
2242 BugClosedNormalSimplify OpenVZ detection, based on /proc/self/statusBen Hughes1.6.2
2067 BugClosedNormalVirtual fact does not work for Xen, HyperV, kvm1.6.2


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