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R.I. Pienaar, 12/18/2010 12:22 pm

mCollective Plugins Wiki

The general process to follow when installing plugins can be found here

Fact Sources

  • Facter via YAML – Access Facter variables as YAML
  • Facter – Use Puppet Labs Facter as a fact source
  • Ohai – Use OpsCode Ohai as a fact source


  • Puppetd – enable, disable, run puppet daemons.
  • Puppet CA – Manage the Puppet Certificate Authority
  • Puppet RAL – Invoke any Puppet provider
  • Package – installs, uninstalls and query Operating System packages
  • Service – stop, starts and query Operating System services
  • File Manager – create, touch, remove and retrieve information about files
  • IP Tables Junkfilter Manager – Add, removes and queries rules on a specific chain
  • Net Test – Performs network reachability testing
  • NRPE – Runs NRPE commands using MCollective as transport
  • [[AgentProcess|Process] – Manage server processes



  • SSH Key – Use your SSH agent and keys to authenticate requests


  • Puppet Commander – schedule puppet runs on a group of hosts with enforced concurrency