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From 01/10/2012 to 01/16/2012


01:22 pm Bug #11966 (Closed): apt module should not create a catalog with more than one apt update
Currently, all of the sources that are added also create an apt update resource to refresh the cache.
This can res...
Dan Bode
01:14 am Bug #11483: module ssh::auth should allow a purge
Bill Tong
09:48 pm Bug #10449 (Merged - Pending Release): Pin priority before adding source to avoid race condition
I verified both the issue as well as that the pull request resolved the issue
merged in commit:
Dan Bode


01:17 pm Bug #11963 (Merged - Pending Release): In the mysql module the Exec[mysqld-restart] should have m...
The path setting in the Exec[mysqld-restart] resource in the mysql module only checks /sbin and /usr/sbin. It should... Carl Caum
01:14 pm Bug #11962 (Rejected): mysql module should set the restart parameter to manage restarting the ser...
I think I'm wrong here. The exec should stay simply because of the order of things. (The code comments turned out to... Carl Caum
01:00 pm Bug #11962 (Investigating): mysql module should set the restart parameter to manage restarting th...
Carl Caum
01:00 pm Bug #11962 (Rejected): mysql module should set the restart parameter to manage restarting the ser...
When refreshing the mysql service, a reload needs to be done instead of a resource. Currently this is done by an exe... Carl Caum


09:33 pm Bug #11483 (Needs More Information): module ssh::auth should allow a purge
Hi Bill,
Could you help me understand what module you're referring to? Is this something you've found on GitHub? ...
Ryan Coleman


09:32 am Bug #11798: vcsrepo doesn't actually update revisions with git.
I really cannot tell if the following is the right thing to do (TM) as I don't regularly use git. However, to me it s... Matthias Pigulla
09:21 am Bug #10619: firewall: Unable to purge unmanaged rules tables other than "filter"
Pull request needs fixtures. Jonathan Boyett
09:11 am Bug #10984: firewall: Default firewall class to handle rote tasks for firewall provider
Merging this in, since it's been sitting completed for a while. Jonathan Boyett
06:44 pm Feature #11440 (Needs Decision): ipv4 and ipv6 providers concurrent support unless v4 or v6 only ...
James Turnbull
06:44 pm Feature #11673 (Needs Decision): Allow protocol OSPF in puppetlabs-firewall
James Turnbull
06:44 pm Feature #11439 (Needs Decision): proto[col] sets would be cool
James Turnbull


07:05 am Bug #11916 (Merged - Pending Release): puppetlabs-mysql needs more params to work on both CentOS/...
Currently, the puppetlabs-mysql module isn't parameterized enough to run problem free on either CentOS/RHEL or Debian... Justin Ellison


05:39 am Feature #11886 (Closed): Add f5_trunk support
Bernard Nauwelaerts


09:50 am Refactor #11620 (In Topic Branch Pending Review): puppetlabs-mysql module should use mysql gem fo...
I finished the spec tests. Both manifests and providers are being fully tested. Carl Caum
09:49 am Bug #11543: puppetlabs-mysql module does not allow the same user to be associated with multiple d...
The fix here is to associate users with the database being managed by the defined type. The previous behavior didn't... Carl Caum

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