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From 04/25/2012 to 05/01/2012


05:17 pm Bug #13106 (Merged - Pending Release): Missing privilege: create_tablespace_priv with MySQL 5.5
this has been merged in commit:
please confirm and reopen ticket if that is not the case
Dan Bode
05:16 pm Bug #13171 (Merged - Pending Release): database grant always synced
fix merged in commit:
Dan Bode
05:09 pm Bug #14275 (Unreviewed): mysql database user cannot query ipv6 hosts
It fails with this error message... Dan Bode


10:20 am Bug #11156: ntp: mktmpdir method for rspec tests is not ruby-1.8.5 compatible
The preferred solution now is to just create a static dir and checking a
symlink to the module root.
The dir doesn't...
Ken Barber
09:57 am Bug #11156: ntp: mktmpdir method for rspec tests is not ruby-1.8.5 compatible
This also hits other tests, like hiera. This sounds like a good change to make. Matthaus Owens
08:05 pm Bug #12326 (Accepted): puppetlabs / puppetlabs-bacula : Problem generating the /etc/bacula/bacul...
Can you update the branch field with the url of the pull request. I'm a bit confused on if your open pull...
William Van Hevelingen
07:44 pm Feature #13261 (Merged - Pending Release): puppet-apt: smoke tests and documentation could be imp...
Merged in William Van Hevelingen
07:42 pm Bug #11413 (Merged - Pending Release): apt::force does not perform an exact package lookup
This was merged: William Van Hevelingen
07:39 pm Feature #11379 (Tests Insufficient): Manage Apache Listen directives
Updating ticket to point at Ryan's pull request. Spec tests still need to be written. William Van Hevelingen
07:36 pm Bug #13541 (Merged - Pending Release): puppetlabs-rsync: the rsync package must be installed befo...
Merged: William Van Hevelingen


04:08 pm Bug #11643: mysql: add rspec test coverage for database, database_grant and database_user type an...
This is on my task list for next week. I just rewrote the mysql database_grant provider and I'm going to make sure I ... Branan Purvine-Riley
03:46 pm Feature #1887: new module: Adding a pam module
I have started writing a PAM module, which currently manages /etc/security/access.conf and limits.conf. It can be fou... Will Hopper
03:38 pm Feature #14171 (Accepted): MariaDB support
Michael Stahnke
03:37 pm Feature #14171 (Closed): MariaDB support
Michael Stahnke
03:37 pm Feature #14171 (Accepted): MariaDB support
We should support mariadb. If they diverge and are not compatible, we will have to revisit.
Patches accepted.
Michael Stahnke
03:03 pm Feature #14171: MariaDB support
Since MariaDB is intended to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL, I would say it makes sense for the puppet-mysql modu... Branan Purvine-Riley


10:33 am Bug #13860 (Merged - Pending Release): a2mod should autorequire Package['httpd']
Carl Caum

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