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From 05/23/2012 to 05/29/2012


02:23 pm Feature #13601: add a "step" argument to the range() function in stdlib
I've referenced this ticket [here]( Steve Huff
05:59 am Feature #14718 (Duplicate): Module puppetlabs/lvm: size 'undef' doesn't work when creating a new ...
I would like to propose this patch to make it possible to create a logical volume which takes up all space in the vol... Sander Hollaar


10:08 am Bug #9364: puppetlabs-firewall: Some iptables versions converting CIDR to netmask for source/dest...
Most of these problems (including #10085) seem to originate from EL5; either omitting the netmasks of `/32` and `/128... Dan Carley
08:47 am Feature #14714 (Unreviewed): puppetlabs-rsync: Implement access restrictions for rsync modules
Add support for the following directives :
* secrets file
* auth users
* hosts allow
* hosts deny
François Charlier
06:06 am Bug #14054: Firewall Module should look for the iptables cmdline tool on various places (OS depen...
Encountered this issue on openSUSE 12.1 64-bit. Another workaround is to use symbolic links:
* /usr/sbin/iptables...
Samuli Seppänen
04:33 am Bug #10274 (Merged - Pending Release): firewall: using for source and dest works but ca...
Merged here:
Ken Barber
12:55 am Bug #10274: firewall: using for source and dest works but causes rules to reload
I've reworked this a little bit and created a PR. Hopefully that'll speed things up.
Dan Carley


08:40 am Bug #14650: puppetlabs-stdlib (v2.3.2) file_line not working
This should be fixed in 2.3.3 ->
Can you check? Thanks.
Peter Meier

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