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16316 BugUnreviewedImmediatevcsrepo module git exclude does not working
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22902 BugAcceptedHighmcollective module (1.1.0) causes puppet to fail on CentOS 6.4
19651 BugUnreviewedHighClass['mysql::config'] depends on Class['mysql::server']
15535 BugNeeds DecisionHighmysql module creates generic database resource type instead of a mysql specific typeRyan Coleman
13352 BugIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewHighnginx module throws error
11643 BugAcceptedHighmysql: add rspec test coverage for database, database_grant and database_user type and provider
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23398 BugUnreviewedNormalarray type producing refresh eventsJosh Cooperregistry 0.1.2
23387 BugUnreviewedNormalLVM: lvm assumes the lvm packape is installed - this is not always the case
23386 FeatureUnreviewedNormalLVM: lvm::volume type should accept multiple formats for 'size' option
23361 FeatureUnreviewedNormalenable Anonymous TLS for middleware connections
23239 FeatureIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewNormalAdd support for fencing topologiesBogdan Dobrelya
22998 BugNeeds More InformationNormalapache::mod creates duplicate declaration on php mod
22990 BugUnreviewedNormalnginx module from the forge throws an error on trivial use
22859 FeatureUnreviewedNormalpuppetlabs libvirt module statusKen Barber
22688 BugNeeds More InformationNormalError locating awk and yum with Ubuntu and similar behaviour with CentOSstdlib 4.1.0
22564 BugUnreviewedNormalvcsrepo 0.1.2 - bug when setting owner/group
22251 BugAcceptedNormalpuppetlabs/lvm failed to create lvm with more then one physical volume
22140 FeatureUnreviewedNormalFirewall does not support "---mark xxxx"firewall 1.x
22112 BugIn Topic Branch Pending ReviewNormalArmor firewall::linux::debian to support backporters
22109 BugUnreviewedNormalfirewall::linux::redhat does not do anything about ip6tables rules
22090 BugUnreviewedNormalpuppetlabs-firewall - firewall::linux needs to check a more exhaustive set of operatingsystemsSharif Nassar
21939 FeatureUnreviewedNormalpuppetlabs/lvm volume_group resource to handle /dev/mapper/* physical volumes
21731 BugUnreviewedNormalvcsrepo 0.1.2: Multiple default providers
21723 BugUnreviewedNormalfile_line should autorequire file
21624 BugUnreviewedNormalmrepo module: Invalid parameter custom_fragment at /etc/puppet/modules/mrepo/manifests/webservice.pp:35

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