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From 04/21/2012 to 04/27/2012


04:01 pm Bug #14236 (Merged - Pending Release): puppetlabs-nova nova_config type does not fail cleanly if ...
On systems where there is no default provider (OS X, for example), an exception will be thrown.
Branan Purvine-Riley
06:14 pm Bug #14218: Privilege are always updated
Also: add integration tests.
basic: Build a stack w/mysql and a sql user. Confirm that the user can login and perf...
Branan Purvine-Riley
06:09 pm Feature #14223: Module to setup APT mirrors
It looks like mrepo APT support is for apt-rpm (predecessor to yum). We can't use it for native debian-based distros. Branan Purvine-Riley
05:59 pm Feature #14223 (Closed): Module to setup APT mirrors
puppetlabs-mrepo exists to configure the mrepo tool for APT/YUM mirrors, but at present it only supports redhat. This... Branan Purvine-Riley
05:44 pm Bug #14218: Privilege are always updated
MySQL has a bunch of 1s and 0s in columns. Should be able to query the privileges schema to determine the list of pri... Branan Purvine-Riley


04:47 pm High Level Feature #14221 (Closed): Release all finished modules to the forge
Branan Purvine-Riley
04:46 pm Feature #14220 (Closed): Ensure the OpenStack modules work on fedora
Branan Purvine-Riley
04:46 pm Bug #14219 (Merged - Pending Release): nova floating IP address are always updated
nova/lib/puppet/provider/nova_floating/nova_manage.rb exists? method is broken. (most likely) Branan Purvine-Riley
04:44 pm Bug #14218 (Merged - Pending Release): Privilege are always updated
Priviliges are always synched because we specify "all privileges".
This is different based on which version of mys...
Branan Purvine-Riley
04:42 pm Feature #14217 (Merged - Pending Release): Review Github pull #70 Branan Purvine-Riley
10:24 am Feature #14204 (Merged - Pending Release): implement multi-host networking mode
Multi-host networking mode needs to be implemented for nova multi-node. Dan Bode
10:24 am Bug #14203 (Rejected): figure out why projects view in Horizon is broken
Currently, in Horizon, when you switch to the project view, all of the links are broken.
We need to figure out why...
Dan Bode
10:21 am Bug #14202 (Closed): support volume managment
We need to implement and start testing volume management for nova. Dan Bode


02:29 pm Feature #14194 (Closed): glance should support swift backend for image storage
This is the default config set up by dev stack. It needs to be supported.
The puppet manifest: manifests/backend/s...
Dan Bode
10:35 pm Bug #9875 (Closed): nil pointer exceptions when no current glance images
Dan Bode
10:34 pm Feature #8387 (Closed): Port testing infrastructure to EC2 or VMware
I created stack_builder so that I could do openstack deployment testing in ec2
Dan Bode
10:33 pm Bug #9872 (Closed): previous authentication method has been deprecated
support for keystone has been added. Dan Bode
10:32 pm Feature #9873 (Closed): keystone should be supported
A keystone module exists:
Dan Bode
10:31 pm Feature #9874 (Closed): openstack should support configuring ppa for diablo
Dan Bode
10:31 pm Feature #12198 (Closed): add openstack cloud provisioner support
This has already been released to the forge.
Dan Bode
10:30 pm Bug #13108 (Accepted): puppetlabs-nova/manifests/init.pp ifdown -a
that should definitely be fixed. Sorry for the slow response. Dan Bode
10:29 pm Feature #8684 (Rejected): Separate data into hiera lookup
not planning on implementing this to use hiera anytime soon. Dan Bode
10:27 pm Bug #13098 (Closed): ring weight needs to be munged into float
Dan Bode
10:25 pm Bug #13118 (Closed): switch to supported ppas
Dan Bode
10:25 pm Bug #13118: switch to supported ppas
I am currently not using any ppas. I am just targetting precise.
If I did want to swift back to a ppa, I would lik...
Dan Bode
10:24 pm Bug #13102 (Rejected): Some options on nova.conf must have no value (at least in Essex)
This was a temporary regression during the essex release cycle.
It did not wind up have to be fixed.
Dan Bode

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