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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
22773 BugUnreviewedNormalpuppet rpm has incorrect group for /var/lib/puppet
22766 BugUnreviewedNormalFix rubygem-json rpm file permissions
22726 BugAcceptedNormalAdd saucy repository to apt.puppetlabs.comMelissa Stone
22725 BugUnreviewedNormalMisssing mcollective plugin packages
22106 BugUnreviewedNormalDebian package version for puppet-razor packages wrong
21832 BugUnreviewedNormalunable to install mcollective-nettest-client on fedora f19
20608 BugAcceptedNormalAdd Puppet 3.0+ packages to the Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring) repositoryMatthaus Owens
20195 BugAcceptedNormalWindows: Start Command Prompt with Puppet should attempt to elevate to Administrative privilegesMatthaus Owens
19785 BugInvestigatingNormalPuppet package for OS X does not hide /lib folder from user in FinderChris Barker
19783 BugUnreviewedNormalPuppet package for OS X creates puppet user in reserved UID range
19745 BugUnreviewedNormalactivemq init.d status command broken
19677 only advertises support for i386 and amd64 when in reality puppet is not platform specific
19143 BugUnreviewedNormalmcollective plugins should reload mcollective agent on installation/update
18376 BugInvestigatingLowClean up and unify default fileserver.conf files for packagingMatthaus Owens
17553 BugNeeds DecisionNormalActivemq package not available in repoMatthaus Owens
17439 BugAcceptedLowFiles tracked by RPM are not correctMatthaus Owens
17267 BugAcceptedNormalGems should be signed and use integrity checks
16957 BugUnreviewedNormalChange hiera dep to multi_json maybe?
16746 BugAcceptedNormalManpage locations conflict with Ubuntu packageMoses Mendoza
16203 BugAcceptedNormalpuppet-common on ubuntu lucid only works with libaugeas-ruby1.8 >=0.3.0, but doesn't specify a version numberMatthaus Owens
15851 BugNeeds DecisionNormalGem packages incorrectly named when building from an untagged branchMatthaus Owens
15417 BugAcceptedNormalHiera on wheezy doesn't really work out
14995 BugInvestigatingNormalPartial repository update causes puppetmaster removal
13602 BugAcceptedNormalPlease package puppet-lint for deb/rpm
13200 BugAcceptedNormalMissing depend on Ubuntu 8.04Moses Mendoza

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