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From 04/26/2012 to 05/02/2012


02:23 pm Bug #14286 (Closed): Implicit invocation of 'puppet apply' deprecated states:
<cite>You can use puppet — that is, without any subcomm...
Travis Kaspar
10:48 am Refactor #9895: 80 character limit
I imagine someone is a Python developer and believes this < Ben Hughes


02:28 pm Feature #11402 (Closed): Revise glossary and put it front & center in the docs
Okay, that's done! Iterating as needed. <> Nick Fagerlund


02:35 pm Bug #14240 (Rejected): Mention that open source nodes connecting to PE need to be kept out of the...
Open source nodes work fine with PE as long as they aren't put into the default group - we should document this and h... James Turnbull

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